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Pantech Jest TXT8040 USB Data Cable

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Good for data transfer


I had a Pantech Jest for two years (which I would not recommend at all). But if you are stuck with the phone, then you might as well have a good transfer cable, which this is. One end plugs into the phone and the other end plugs into a regular USB port on the computer. Since it is USB, it can also plug into a car charger or regular wall adapter and be used as a charger cord (I would usually do this when traveling in the car). Performance I often put music or audiobooks onto my phone, and I also took the pictures off of my phone to back them up on my computer. This transfer cable was a fast and easy way to do these things. When I connected my phone to my computer with this cable, I was able to view a folder with the contents of my phone. I could sort through the pictures, music, and ringtones area. As long as the audio file I wanted to use was an mp3, the phone could use it. I enjoyed transferring music to listen to on long trips. I also could transfer mp3 files into the ringtones folder and use them as ringtones on my phone. So this cord allowed me to customize my phone and set personal ringtones for several contacts (which was a great help in knowing who was calling without even looking at my phone). Battery Life This cable does not require a separate battery.



Pantech Jest TXT8040 USB Data Cable

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