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Pantech - Ease Cell Phone

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Pantech Ease Cellphone


Very functional phone for a first time owner. Two modes. Easy and advanced. Lot's of cool features and tools. Performance This is a 3g phone so it's not the fastest out there and I consider this phone more of an entry level. I do like the pull out keyboard which makes it easy to text and write e-mails Voice Quality The voice quality is very clear an crisp. I have never had any problems with distortion or buzzing of any kind. Battery Life This is pretty simple. On easy mode the battery can last for 3 days. On advanced mode maybe 8 hours depending on how much you're talking, texting and whatever apps are running at the time. The more apps, the shorter the battery will last. Durability I've dropped this things so many times I can't remember. Every time I pick it up it boots and works great. A few dings but no cracks or anything. I believe this may be the most durable cell phone I've ever owned. Ease of Use On easy mode it's a breeze to use. On advanced mode it's more complex but if you are cell phone savvy, it wouldn't be a problem. Design I like most everything about the phone other than the screen size. It's just a little too small for me but it depends on what a person wants. Like I stated earlier, it's a great entry level phone. The camera takes decent pictures. The video is a bit choppy but You can get good videos if you learn to use the phone properly.




Good but not great for internet browsing nor camera use.


I would say it is good but not great if you want a quality cellphone camera and one that can browse most internet sites. Performance The performance meets expectations for a cellphone used only for communication and basic functions. It is satisfactory as a communication device but the internet performance is not very good. Voice Quality This is excellent for talking and listening. Battery Life The battery life rather quickly is used up. Durability It is adequate in it's durability but not great. Ease of Use It is extremely easy to use. Design I really like the design of this phone with a touch screen and keyboard.


Ventura, CA


Pantech Ease is a Big Fat Pain


My husband and I both got the Pantech Ease P2020 seven months ago, have been stuck with them and have been counting down the months until our contract is up. The touch screen is so touchy that my cheek dials other people while I'm on a call and causes a 3-way connection, something I absolutely never want considering that I'm completely unaware that it is happening until that third person finally speaks up, usually after listening awhile. It is so touchy that I had to buy a bluetooth headset so that I can actually use the cell via the headset while placing the cell itself on a flat surface, out of reach of everything that could possibly touch it. When I didn't have the headset, I was never able to talk on that cell without my cheek touching the screen and calling someone, putting my call on hold or mute, ending my call altogether, or performing any other task it's capable of doing. I cannot put this phone in my purse or lay it near anything or anyone that could accidentally touch it since it will unlock almost instantly if touched and then accidental repeat touch will cause dialing or Internet connection, even in its supposedly protective leather case in my purse. If my 1-1/2 year-old granddaughter picks up my cell, she has it unlocked and either dialing or connected to the Internet within a few seconds. I don't have a data plan and don't block Internet so that I can send and receive pictures, so I absolutely hate the easily unlocking feature on this phone, which costs extra money any time there's accidental purse or granddaughter touch. Almost all other aspects of this cell are great, but the easy unlock feature and the will-and-won't work touch features on this cell make me want to throw it through a window. The touch issues make no sense whatsoever. Considering how easily my purse and granddaughter cause this cell to perform multiple expensive acts, I would think that I could easily move the cursor around while texting to make corrections but that just isn't so. It's almost always easier to delete text than to try to put the cursor somewhere to add a word or correct a mistake. Another hugely frustrating feature is that I have to lock my screen repeatedly until the light finally goes out or else the light will stay on and drain my battery. My Pantech Ease is a huge Pantech Pain in the Butt. We either got duds or the Pantech Ease is a terrible touch screen cell. I do not recommend this cell for anyone, especially older people and people who live in large buildings or in rural locations because they will have a very hard time getting service.


Linwood, MI


Pantech Ease Phone


My husband and I recently upgraded our phones. While sitting in the mobile phone store, getting the "hard sell," I must admit that I was a bit envious as I watched my hubby decide on the latest I Phone. The fact is, I could not justify the data package as a stay at home mom who has constant access to my laptop. Why add a bigger bill? On top of that, I only get about 2 calls a day (from my husband or kids). Basic was what I needed, and really any phone in the store would more than deliver. I wanted to make sure that the phone didn't feel cheap, and this one didn't. As it slid out to be able to text, there was no "play" or looseness. I tried calling my husband's phone to hear the sound quality, and I definitely preferred the sound quality of the Pantech Ease over the other options. I have been told after purchasing it, however that there is a slight echo that the receiver hears. I love that it has what is called "Phone mode"- easy or advanced. This is something I would have loved on my last phone. Because I don't use the online applications, I don't need to see all of those options on the screen. It is just too confusing, and clutters up the phone, keeping me from getting to what I need to do faster. That is what "easy mode" is for. "Advanced mode" is for the person who wants to use all of the applications and tools. Speaking of tools...There are great basic tools that come with this phone. They are standard, but what I appreciate about them is how intuitive they are to use. The camera takes beautiful pictures! I was particularly glad that there was a Pill Reminder, which sounds silly, but I have a pill I am supposed to take in a timely manner each day, and when the alarm goes off, I remember to take it at the right time- not 2 hours late, or an hour early (or not at all). The Note Pad is great for grocery lists, or any kind of notes you need to take. You do need to put your phone into advanced mode to use it, though, as well as the voice memo. Speaking of voice- this has a voice command by nuance so that you can say what you want to do - text so and so or call so and so. And it does it! Also I have appreciated the pedometer. We like to walk, and this lets us know how far we have gone. One of the first things we did was to clock how far 2 laps were around our local mall where we have been walking all winter. Sure enough, just as we suspected- 2.2 miles! When I went to my local stylist with the girls the other day, I thought- no longer do I need to be insecure about what tip to leave! I have a tip calculator. I just put in the bill and it gives me the tip. (Of course I add to it.) I did not buy the car charger from the store, but decided to wait as they are much less expensive from Walmart. It came with the wall charger. I did purchase screen protectors, and I am glad I did. My daughter first saw this phone and assumed that many "butt-calls" would be made from it, but this phone auto locks, and with a simple press of a button, it allows you to dial- another thing I wish my last phone had. Many data minutes were lost in my purse because I didn't have that wonderful feature. I don't feel one bit bad any more about not having an I Phone. In fact, I think there are times that my husband might be jealous of my Pantech Ease. I just tell him, "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine." If you are looking for an affordable upgrade to your current phone, I would consider this one. One other thing, although I don't use the data plan on this phone, if I did, it would be great. The screen is nice and the internet shows up great on it. That was another consideration in making the purchase. I wanted to have that option. All around it is a great phone.


Minneapolis, MN


The Pantech Ease is a breeze!


I just recently upgraded my cell phone to a Pantech Ease a few months ago. I am not an avid texter as some but wanted something that was convienent to text and surf the internet with so I opted for the Pantech Ease. I found a great on the phone online and received it rather quickly. The pro's I liked about the phone is the easy to use and read keyboard on it. I have never had typos using the phone and feel like I can send and type messages faster than using an older phone with the T9 function. I also loved the bigger screen on the front and the different icons it on the menu. It is very easy to dial contacts and nice that you can add picture features to them as well. I enjoy how easy it to get on facebook and other social networks with a few touches. The ringtones that come with the phone are nice and nto too annoying like others are. The con's about the phone are it doesn't hold a charge very long, but I expected that if I was using it to surf the web and download media items. The phone also is easy for children to access, even with the lock and hold button my 1 year old daughter can still manage to get my phone unlocked. I wish it had a different feature on locking besides just pressing and holding the square. The camera is also not the best quality and I feel like it takes forever for it to actually click and take the picture. Overall I have been very pleased with the phone and would reccomend it to my friends and family.




The Pantech Ease cell phone has a lot of options


The Pantech Ease cell phone has a lot of options.  It is easy to use and has quite a few extras included.  It has a built in 2 megapixel camera as well as live video capture so you can capture those important minutes when you forgot you camera.  It has 50 MB of storage available.  One thing that is really nice about this cell phone is the slide out keyboard which makes it easy to send text messages.  It also has bluetooth wireless connectivity.  You can use voice commands to dial and has hands free speakerphone so you can talk as you drive and still keep both hands on the wheel.  It has an address book to store all your important phone numbers, a calendar, alarm clock, calculator, tip calculator, pedometer, and even a pill reminder.  It has a touch screen to navigate easily and to make calls.  It also has video share so you can send video during a phone call.  Overall the Pantech Ease cell phone has a lot of nice options included.  


Andreas, PA


Pantech - Ease Cell Phone

3.8 6