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Pantech Cell Phone

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Cheaply made phone that stands up to no wear/tear.


When I first saw this phone at the AT&T (Cingular at the time) store I was amazed by it. It seemed so logical to me to have a phone that would fit in my pocket, backpack, or wherever without being in the way of other things. Sadly, it's quality issues surpass the beautiful concept. In honesty, I should have been weary of an inexpensive phone, but at the time I was just too enthralled by it. The phone does not stand up to any amount of wear and tear whatsoever. The outer casing feels cheap and the phone squeeks when opened. Also the phone's inside (the part not showing when the phone in shut) is designed counter-intuitively, with the buttons leaving scratches on the screen. The buttons are also flat, meaning that text message touch-typists (like myself) will have a hard time adjusting to the phone. Another problem is that pressing the middle button, something that on most phones goes to the menu, goes immediately to the internet, a costly feature for those without internet packages. The interface is slow and unresponsive, meaning that I sometimes wait 10-15 seconds for the phone to do somethign after I press a button. All issues aside, the phone's camera is of amazing quality, and I enjoy the ability to quickly set the phone on vibrate by holding down the star key.

Norwalk, CA


Does not have GPS


    My Pantech Cell Phone hosted by A T & T is just right for me and my lifestyle. I do not text messages or need internet connection on my phone but I really like the Bluetooth set up and the very fine video camera as well as the ease of not having to recharge as often. I am able to use this phone where I could not get reception on my previous phone. My other phone would not work where our friends live but this one will and no new towers have been added to the system, My whole family has A T & T as their carrier and we love the roll over minutes so we have never actually run out of use time in our six plus years with this plan. I am 68 years old and feel most secure with this phone in my pocket and have come to rely on it for security and convenience. I would heartily recommend this phone and the carrier because the product works great without exception and the company is very easy to deal with when you have question or want to get information about GPS or other things that can be added to the phone. I hope you will try this service.

Kinston, NC


Good overall phone


I got this Pantech cell phone fo my birthday over a year ago. I like it because it is very small - people are always asking if its real! We bought a pack of 5 diff face plates and skins for it too. Charge lasts for atleast a few days. The camera is low quality, with a low functioning flash, and it has recently started freezing up on me. What do you expect from a cell phone nowadays though? Its lasted 15 months! Pretty good I think.

Beaverton, OR


The Pantech C300 is awesome-it's small but unbreakable


This phone is great-it's small which takes awhile to get used to but i can fit it in my pocket (which is awesome)  it's hard to text on it-but since i don't its not a problem for me  i LOVE it and no matter how many times i drop this thing it doens't faze it

Ballwin, MO


I'm Glad I Broke This Phone.


BLAH!! Yeah sure, it's cute, but that's it!  It's too little to use comfortably. The camera has poor quality, and even if you take pics, you can't email them. You can access your email from this phone, but.....there is no feature to email pics!!!  The texting is very very slow. This phone is a great "conversation piece" because it is so tiny, but that's probably the only nice thing about it.

New Stanton, PA


i love it!!!


i love the size! it fits in my pocket and i dont have to put it in my purse. i could never find my old phone in my purse, but it was too big to putin my pocket. its easy to use and my reception is good

Waco, TX


Best cell phone you could ever buy


I bought my pantech c300 about a year and half ago and its still running strong.. It has so much space on to hold at least 40 or more ringtones..It is text and multimedia capable.. It has an awesome camera with flash..

Fairmount, GA


Pantech Cell Phone

3.7 7