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Pandigital SuperNova 8" Media Tablet


The highly affordable and absolutely portable Pandigital 4GB SuperNova 8 Android Media Tablet & Color eReader embraces the Google Android 2.3 OS, which is designed for user-friendly navigation. Android 2.3 also avails its owners the pleasures of the GetJar App Store. The 8 book-sized tablet affords access to thousands of apps ranging from movie apps, music players, Flash games and social networking apps - to online banking tools, stock market analysis, newspapers from around the globe and applications to boost small business productivity. The SuperNova Media Tablet comes preloaded with the Barnes & Noble eBookStore, GetJar App Store, YouTube Video Player Photo Gallery Viewer, Calendar OfficeSuite Weather Application, email browser, web browser, Flash support and much more. It even features an Advanced eReader. Whether you're working in OfficeSuite, checking the weather, staying in touch via Facebook, posting on YouTube or even just sending an email while you surf the Internet; the 8 SuperNova will stay powered up with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an included AC adapter. You'll also have no problem multi-tasking, thanks to the powerful Samsung S5PV210 Cortex 1.06Hz Performance Processor with dedicated GPU and 512MB DRAM. For storage, the SuperNova is equipped with 4GB of shared storage capacity, but Pandigital made sure the tablet's storage would be expandable to suit the needs of each individual. The integrated MicroSD Card Reader offers expandable memory all the way up to an impressive 32GB card capacity. Plus, with an orientation sensor that supports portrait / landscape modes and full touch screen technology with a virtual keyboard, you'll enjoy quick, smooth navigation from app to app and web page to web page. Even typing emails is fast and accurate. Pandigital's SuperNova Media Tablet affords a crystal clear movie watching, game playing and Internet surfing experience. Swiping your fingers across the responsive ...

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Highly overrated.


There is nothing " Super" about this SuperNova. I owned it only a few weeks and had to send it back for repair. Battery Life Not much battery life if you use it often during the day. I would sit with it plugged in to read my books on it. I didn't play games, so I don't know how fast that would drain the battery. Processing Speed It was faster than I expected from it's cost, but still could have room for improvement. Weight The weight was consistent with it's size, not overly heavy. There are much lighter ones available now in a similar price range. App Availability Probably average for this type product. I didn't load many apps on mine. Mainly Facebook and Kindle. Design I liked the design. The rounded edges were nice and the on - off buttons and volume buttons were in a handy place. Durability I had to send it back for repair 5 weeks after I bought it. I had it home for only a few more weeks and it would no longer unlock when swiped. I followed online instructions on how to fix this and nothing worked. It is still un-usable and I went out and bought a Kindle Fire!



Good tablet for the price


This is a good tablet for the price, it's not the best out there but it's pretty good. The app selection is pretty bad even after downloading the amazon app store. So this tablet isn't known for the app selection. The web browser is great however, this is a great tablet for just browsing the internet. It's also great for reading. This is a very durable tablet, I've dropped it so many times and it still functions normally and doesn't have any imperfections. The battery life is good, I don't need to charge it too often. The camera is good but the webcam doesn't work with skype which is disappointing. My biggest complaint is how long it takes to turn on! It takes far too long!



Pandigital SuperNova 8" Media Tablet

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