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Panasonic - hd dvd recorder/ player

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It gets the job done


I've had this player set up for a few months at my winter camp, and it successfully handles the large collection of DVDs I've tried with it, including the few HD-DVDs that were given to me with the device. I don't currently have a need for blu-ray, but I can't really discern any true difference between standard-def and high-def films on disc. Overall, however, this player seems like a good deal for a little money. Regardless of HD-DVDs being outdated or not, Panasonic still manages to maintain a quality product, and I think this device will serve me well in the years to come. Performance All discs attempted are playing flawlessly. Playback Quality No digital compression errors as of yet. Load times are reasonable. Sound Quality Hooked up via RCA to an analog Konka television, but sound is at least 2.0 Surround. No dropouts or crackling to be heard. Durability It's been well taken-care of. The remote is standard-issue, but also works as-new. Ease of Use My elderly grandparents have no issue using it. The disc tray operates smoothly, and the display is easy to read.



Panasonic - hd dvd recorder/ player

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