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Panasonic Viera TC-P50S30 50" HDTV Plasma TV

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Great TV


Overall I love this TV, though I did mark it down a point for the problems with its "Viera Cast" smart TV menu. We have a Roku to go along with the TV so when I can't get to Netflix through the TV but can get it work through Roku, I know the problem is the TV. I think some of the apps in the menu are not being updated to work when the different services, like Netflix, are updated. Despite that problem, I do love the TV. The picture is clear and crisp, the 3D works great though we don't use that feature much, and it flashes to a screen saver so there's no burnout. I also like that it automatically turns off after being dormant for 3 minutes. Picture Quality HD movies look really great on this screen. Sound Quality I haven't missed having surround sound. The sound is much better than our old TV. Durability We've had this TV for two years with no problems. Design Sleek black and thin, the design is attractive. Performance Other than the smart TV menu, everything works great.


Redwood City, CA


Excellent picture, not so much sound wise


After waiting for what seemed like forever to plunge into the plasma television market - we finally decided on a Panasonic. What I love about this television is that it is so sleek. It's sexy. The picture quality is awesome. The blacks are black, the whites are white and the colors pop out at you. We have had a few issues with day light viewing, but only because it is still in the breaking in period and we have not adjusted the settings to the correct ones. We do not have to worry so much about burn-in on this plasma television, technology has much improved since it was introduced. Sports, such as football and basketball, look great on this television. There's no trails, no blurs - just sharp, moving action. DVD and Blu-Ray movies look spectacular on this screen. Want to count how many pores Stallone has on his face? This is the television to do it on. My chief complaint is the speakers. We all know that with a television this sleek, the speakers can't be much - where did they even put them? The sound is slightly tinny, with no bass to be had (again - have not messed with the sound settings, perhaps this would be easily remedied with a bit of research). Oddly enough, the bands on Saturday Night Live sound great. We have a surround sound system, so we just listen through those speakers. If anyone asks me if I love this television - my answer is YES! Sound Quality Speakers are a bit tinny.


New Glarus, WI


Wonderful overall TV


Picture is great, controls on the front panel make for quick access to everyday uses. Easy to mount on wall. Big enough to hang and wall and see from across the room but not overwhelming in size. Picture Quality Great for tv, movies and games. Sound Quality Sound is fine for tv/movies and also ok for music played through the system and also for concerts watched on TV or with DVD player. Design Love that the front of the TV gives you access to controls and some inputs for quick access. Like having channel/volume control within easy access on the front for use when my sons lose the remote. Other inputs in the back are easy to get at for initial set-up, but requires some work to get to them for changes since it is mounted on the wall, but was very easy to mount on our wall.


Wakefield, RI


Great picture!


I really love this TV! I recently purchased it for my new apartment and so far have been completely satisfied. The picture quality is great! The TV is internet capable, so applications like Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO, etc. can all be accessed through your TV without the need for a Roku, Xbox, Wii, etc. The only negative are the ads the pop up at the bottom of the screen when you turn the TV on. They disappear quickly, but I find them a bit annoying.


New York, NY


Panasonic Viera 50" HDTV


This Panasonic TV has spoiled me forever from going back to regular non-HD TV. The screen size is great. We have it sitting on a table top so viewing is at eye level. The colors are vivid, crisp, and clear. You are missing details with standard TV you never knew you were missing. Picture Quality Excellent picture quality even after having the tv for a couple of years. Sound Quality I an not sure how to really evaluate that as we have always had it hooked up to our surround sound theatre speakers. Durability This TV is tough. It has withstood three household moves no problem. But it is extremely heavy and well built. Design It has a very sleek design and is nice and flat. The only drawback to it is how heavy it is. Performance At one time we had the fancy satellite packages with HD and it worked great. We now use streaming and it is just as good.


Barboursville, VA


Panasonic Viera TC-P50S30 50" HDTV Plasma TV

4.8 5