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Panasonic Viera 50 in. HDTV Plasma TV

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Love this TV


I absolutely love this television. Beautiful and very clear picture. I would say that my only problem with it is that it is too big for my small apartment! I should have gotten a size smaller but can't complain. I did a lot of research before purchasing a new television. Particularly, I looked at the best brands and the difference between plasma and LCD. I found that plasma is the best and panasanic is superior to others. My main concern in purchasing a flat screen plasma/LCD was what some people perceived as a buzzing sound coming from the television. I read that Samsung is pretty bad with the buzzing. I am happy to say that I haven't experienced any of that or any other problems at all with this television. I highly recommend it.

New York, NY


I love my TV!


This is definitely by far the best TV i have EVER owned. I am so impressed with me and my husband for making such an informed decision for once! We actually began by reading a good number of reviews right here on viewpoints. we also asked for help from many different sales workers at the store that we purchased it from. We also looked at all the other similar models and the panasonic viera far exceeded all others. This tv was highly recommended for watching sports on and that part has definitely turned out to be true. The fifty inch screen is the ideal size in my opinion and the picture is totally amazing! I have seen others say so and i agree. it's like i'm at the movie theater! the sound quality is good too although i keep mine hooked up to surround sound anyway. its also good for playing video games on. I would recommend this tv and the way i see it you cant go wrong wiitth the purchase of this television.

Glendale, RI


Panasonic makes the best Plasma's!


This TV was certainly worth the money.  Before this TV, the living room has a smaller 32 inch old school television set.  A brand new wall unit had to be purchased just to fit this TV, however no regrets here.  At first glance the picture was AMAZING!  Not only was it big, but the image seemed flawless using Comcast.  When watching HD channels, I was very surprised at the clarity.  Blue Ray DVD's had me feeling like I was actually in the movie.  I'm not a huge technology buff, so I can't go ona and on about the specs, but I can say that I've never seen a TV this awesome.  Watching sports like the NFL and NBA is an experience in and of itself.  With the 3D HDTV fad going on now, and everyone trying to get bigger and better, I think 50 inches is the perfect size.  Those 3D glasses just look tacky anyways.  Plasma is the way to go, and Panasonic seems to be the leader when it comes to Plasma HDTV's.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


An awesome TV!


What can I say about this TV that isn't in the other reviews?  Not too much.  The video is amazing.  Extremely clear and the colors are bright.  The sound is also very good and clear.  It also turns off automatically when there is no video showing on the screen, which is a big plus for us.  We're gamers,and sometimes we forget to turn the TV off.  It turns itself off for us!  The remote is very easy to use and is user friendly.  I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a good TV for gaming, watching TV or watching movies.  It was well worth the price.

Caryville, TN


Am I at home, or am I at the theatre. WOW


I'm in heaven... what an incredably wonderful television, this is the best television that I have ever owned. Like all Panasonic devices that I have ever owned, this prooves that Panasonic seems to me as the best of the best. The setup features are extremely easy, I don't have to remember what all the input devices are, since I am able to label it so that it shows the purpose for every one since I can label them. It has a substantial amount of hook up conectors that I can use. It sends perfectly to my home theatre, it automatically turns it on every time that I turn the television on. It has HDMI connectors for the best of pictures There are a substantial amount of options for the type of display, i.e. high defination, and many other settings so that I get what I want. I am remote control under educated, and this one has just what is needed, not tons and tons of buttons. It is wonderful letting me display my photos through my SD chip. Through my HDMI on my computer, I actualy have a 50" display, boy, if I was a gamer, this would ROCK. I can't say anything bad besides if you don't purchase this television you are at a major loss. When I need to replace my other televisions in my home that are not panasonic yet, it will be in this line of Panasonic Televisions.

Farmington, MI


Panasonic Viera 50 in. HDTV Plasma TV

4.8 5