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Panasonic Upright Vacuum

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this vacuum sucks..and not in a good way


This vacuum had received some good reviews. What sold me was someone elses review that said this product picked up dog hair very well. It does do that...when it works. I replaced the belt every other week..they just seemed to melt and break. After 3 months of daily use..the entire brush bar assembly melted. I returned it to the manufacturer (at my expense). They did send me a new vacuum. After 3 more months...more melted belts...the brush bar assembly seized again. I returned this vacuum and told them to refund my money.

Lewiston, NY


Panasonic Upright is below par on performance


I found this to be below standards for picking up pet hair and just normal cleaning. I have had a hoover and it broke and was replaced by this and I regret that choice. I miss the versitility of a canister as I was able to vacumn under the furnoture and this upright is too bulky and high

Gibbstown, NJ


Better than my Hoover


I have always owned a canister, but have recently purchased this Panasonic because it had a great sale price and it was lightweight. My cat just dug the dirt out of the planter all over the living room carpet. The suction tube, very easily removed, picked up most of the dirt, however the small turbo cleaner did a super job cleaning up the rest.  I would recommend this vacuum to all.

Rochester, NY


Panasonic Upright Vacuum

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