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Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC

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The panasonic tough book is just that TOUGH!


I purchased the Panasonic Toughbook after using laptops like they were disposable at work. My job is dirty, has extreme temperatures and can chew up laptops and swallow them whole! I am a mechanic and use my laptop along with other devices to read codes diagnosis, write repair orders, take notes. It is literally in use most of my day. When I am not fixing I am typing. The Panasonic tough book has lasted the test of time in my work environment! It is well worth every penny you spend, and yes the Panasonic toughbook requires quite a few pennies! It has a back lit keyboard, the monitor can swivel and has the ability to be used with a digitizer pen to take notes. Even my 2 year old loves to use the touch screan and pen to draw and I don't mind because its tough! I purchased the additional dociking station which is another great investment. I would recomend this item to a friend, in fact I have recomended them to all my colleagues as well as clients who are tough on their laptops also.

Tuckerton, NJ


This Toughbook is worth every penny


The toughbook cf-18 is the best laptop i have ever used... EVER!!! The reason i got this computer is because my son was always finding a way to destroy my electronics. from spilling his just or milk on them to flushing things down the toilet. But with this laptop he has yet to find a way to destroy it. this toughbook has fallen, been walked on, had liquid spilled on it and has even once made it out side on a rainy day, but still it keeps on working. now of course i am not recomending anybody take this outside while it is raining or let juice spill on it, but hey, if it happens there is a better chance that it will still work over sone of the other less then powerful notebooks out there. for the money this is where it is at. it can withstand anything and it has a touch screen. i dont usethe touch screen that oftan but i dont need to... you may. overall i would recomend this product to everyone.

White Lake, MI


Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC

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