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Panasonic TC-23LX50 23 in. LCD TV

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Panasonic TC-23LX50 23 in. LCD TV was the first ever LCD TV I purchased, but actually I do not count it on the list of televisions I have used, since I could not use it for that long duration. I purchased it over an online selling/buying site, it was used, not in so very good condition but I had to pay a very small amount to get it, so I did. Considering it was thoroughly used for a good amount of time, it did pretty well for the time I had it. And I believe, it would have worked for longer, had I got a new remote. The remote broke and I was like using the buttons upfront on panel to make the changed that must have taken a toll on this television and gradually, it stopped working in an orderly manner. So, I guess it was my bad but I'd like to mention here, that I think I got what I paid for. I had no complains with this purchase except for I do not want to count it on my Television list otherwise Samsung has always been a good brand with good products to offer.




Panasonic TC-23LX50 23 in. LCD TV

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