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Easy to use the Panasonic DVX100 is the best prosumer camera


If you're an aspiring filmmaker just starting out or even want to makse some cool skate videos of your friends and post them on YouTube this a great video camera for the task at hand. The large screen makes it easy to see and the instruction manual is actually writen in English so you can read it (as opposed to some technical jargon that no one really comprehends and is just annoyed by). The Panasonic DVX100 was once the top of the line in prosumer cameras, now HD has taken over and it's fallen below some others but it's still a great value for the money and well worth investing in. The only downside is it's sort of bulky compared to a lot of other cameras currently on the market and that can pose a problem if you're trying to shoot on the fly or sneak the camera in somewhere it's not supposed to be. I like the autofocus and auto adjustments you can use as well as the manual settings for coloring, white balancing and so forth. Overall a very good camcorder and one you can enjoy.

Corona, CA


Good quality for your money


The DVx100 is a fantastic pro consumer camera with the function to shoot both 24p and 24padv. which means you can shoot 24p (not true progressive, it allows you to edit in either progressive or interlaced) or 24padv. which is true progressive frame (converted to 23.975 when digesting into Avid or FCP).

Nashville, TN


Panasonic Professional Camcorder

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