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Panasonic - PDP- Television

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Incredible picture, worth every penny


I purchased this set after much research. As stated, the picture is wonderful, colors are warm, light is bright, edges are crisp. I like the menu, it is pretty self explanitory and easy to get through. The set up was very easy. The sound is a bit of an issue, not enough to not buy the TV, but it can be annoying. Basically it appears that Panasonic attempted to give this TV some premium sound by use of some 3d sound software. When it works, it sounds great, the internal subwoofer makes turning the stereo on a moot point for most applications (not movies of course!). But on some channels the sound gets soft, then can get loud (it seems like the TV is trying to do something with the sound (ie 3d), but it gets fouled up). Again, it's not a great disparity, but enough to make it a little annoying. I've tried all the settings and nothing seems to fix it. Again, this TV is great even with this minor issue. I would recommend this set.

Nyack, NY


Panasonic - PDP- Television

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