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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 16.1 MP Digital Camera

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Excellent digital camera


I love the convenience and ease of having a camera in my phone to be able to take pictures at any time, but the quality wasn't great. I was hesitant to add another gadget, and knew that I wouldn't remember to take a camera the way I take my phone. But the quality of the pictures is so good that I don't mind. The high speed lens is perfect for taking pictures of kids who never seem to stay still, and there's a feature called the Optical Image Stabilizer that compensates for hand shakes and movement. The zoom feature is nice, but I did find that as you zoom in, the picture quality is not as good. Another feature, the Intelligent LCD, detects the lighting conditions and controls the brightness level; I didn't always like the adjustments it made (it tended to make the saturation of colors lighter) but that can be changed in editing.

North Tonawanda, NY


NOT user friendly!


I had a hard time adjusting to this camera. It was very hard to switch from the menu to actually taking the picture. I tried to take pictures during Christmas and it was a fiasco! I kept having my daughters wait while I "set-up" the program to just take the picture. Very frustrating!

Ludington, MI


Great little camera!


I bought this camera after reading reviews online and going to the store and "playing" with a lot of cameras. My biggest pet-peeve in a digital camera is the time it takes between pictures. Let me tell you....I love my camera! There is hardly a delay between pictures. I bought the camera right before I went on a vacation, and this thing was great! It has so many features on it, and the zoom capabilities were incredible. I took 500+ pictures and couldn't wait to get them on my computer. As soon as I downloaded them to the computer, WOW is all I can say. The pictures turned out wonderful. I am so happy with this camera. Small in size, but very efficient. Great value for your money.

Itasca, IL


The Panasonic Lumix results in picture-perfect photos


I'm a mom and a scrapbooker so I take a lot of pictures. I prefer a simple point-and-shoot camera and avoid ones that take longer to set up than to take the picture. I don't need anything fancy but I do want a camera that takes quality images without requiring too much effort on my part. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 16.1 MP Digital Camera is perfect for someone like me. I use the Intelligent Auto Mode when taking pictures and the camera determines the best setting for each picture. Image Quality The image quality is truly superb. I've been very happy with my photos and feel that this is the best point-and-shoot digital camera that I have owned in regards to image quality. The images are clear and colorful and unlike my previous experience with other cameras, they do not come out too dark or with a yellowed background. Any blurry images that are captured on this camera are the result of the user, not the camera. Performance I've been very happy with the performance of this camera thus far. It does what I want it to do, when I want it to do it. This camera also has the ability to record via the motion picture mode, although it has rarely been used because I use a camcorder when I want to do that. Ease of Use For someone who doesn't tinker with all of the features and buttons, this camera is easy to use, especially when using the Intelligent Auto Mode. However, there are many available options that I do not use because I do not have the patience to scroll through the menu to read each description. When I want to take a picture, I want to take it right away, not have to spend a minute or more finding the right mode. By the time I find the correct mode, my shot could be gone. The instruction manual that is included is very basic and doesn't explain what each function does. I have to go to each mode and wait for the camera screen to describe it. The text at the bottom of the screen can be longer than the screen size so I have to wait for it to scroll along while I read it. Durability I don't have a case for this camera so it usually gets thrown into my purse or bag or put inside my coat pocket. So far, I've been pleased with the durability and do not foresee any issues. Battery Life The battery life is excellent compared to others cameras that I've used. I haven't experienced a "low battery" and also haven't had to charge the battery very often. The manual states that the battery should take approximately 115 minutes to charge and should last long enough for up to 270 pictures or 135 recording minutes. Portability This camera is very portable and easy to take just about anywhere. It's the same size as most point-and-shoot digital cameras, although it is a little heavier than previous cameras that I have used.



Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 16.1 MP Digital Camera

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