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Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-LS75

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great camera at a great price


 I really love this camera.  Right out of the box it takes great pictures.  The controls are easy to use. I have been taking a lot of pictures of my grandchildren and the short shutter lag means that I don't miss anything.  I also like the zoom feature.  It has a 3x optical zoom that is accesable next to the shutter button.  I have printed out several 8x10 pictures with no loss in quality.  Overall I don't think you could find a better camera for near the price.

Las Vegas, NV


For the price, it gets the job done.


I got the Panasonic Lumnix DMC LS75 because my mother had one and when I tried it out it was really easy to use and it was pink...girls got to love that! Initially when I used it I loved it. It was still easy to use, although I am not for sure what the different shot modes are still after 1 year but whatever. However, after I had it for 2 weeks the batteries went dead. I thought it was just dome random event and I replaced them with regular batteries. However, every two weeks it was the same thing. I don't take that many pictures. It went on like this for 2 months, I just thought that every 2 weeks was normal for that camera. Well then the camera need new batteries like every 2 or 3 days of use. It was getting a bit ridiculous so then I went back to the store and demanded some information or a refund. They told me that digital cameras now use the lithium batteries. I was cool with that until I saw the price. OUTRAGEOUS! I miss my rechargeable camera :<

Kalamazoo, MI


Nice picture but no sound with video.


I made this purchase during the busy Christmas season and apparently didn't research it enough. I thought this would be a great, small and light weight upgrade to to my Sony DX7590.  However, the response time between pictures is very slow.  I can take about 5 pictures with my Sony in the amount of time it take to take one picture on this Lumix.  The picture on the Lumix are much clearer but they should be since my Sony is a 5 mega pixel camera and the Lumix is a 7.2 mega pixel camera.  I was shocked when I took a video and discovered there wasn't any sound with it.  Why make a camera capable of recording video and not provide sound recording with it?  That makes the video recording mode useless to me.  I learned an important lesson with this purchase--Don't assume that if a camera has video capability that it will also record sound with the video.

Maple Shade, NJ


Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-LS75

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