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Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-FZ7

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Best camera I have owned


I have had this camera for about four years now. It has traveled to many different places with many different climates and conditions. It has always performed very well. The controls are not for a novice photographer unless you just want to put it on the "simple picture" quality and take pictures. Image Quality Great quality unless you plan on going to poster sized prints. Ease of Use Lots of different options to choose from. Durability Goes anywhere. Battery Life I just replaced the battery in my camera. Battery life depends on your settings.


Humboldt, SD


lightwieght, simple to use and all around fun for any person.


It is a easy camera to use. It is good for starters in digital photography. Image Quality For the most part the quality is very well, it does get a bit uncrisp if zooming in but it is a quality of pictures that can be both professional and regular if you learn how to take the pictures correctly. Performance For the most part it is great, I have had one snag and sometimes when holding down the button it takes a few seconds extra before clicking, however that is rare when it happens. Ease of Use Very simple to use. For me I am still working on indoors but outdoors is great :) indoors it works too, I just am not used to dark areas yet :) Durability It is a pretty sturdy camera if you take care of it properly. Battery Life Much better than my other cameras. I have a charger and if I charge the batteries they will last me almost a full day depending on how many photo sessions I have. Portability It is small and pretty light weight. It can easily be slipped into a small purse or a nice camera case :)


Merced, CA


Love the photos


I have had this camera for about a year and have taken about 3000 pictures with it, most of the sports photos of my boys.  The zoom is great for getting that close up on the football field and I use the burst shooting mode all the time. I get great action shots.  The camera is very easy to operate and the feel in you hands is great.  If you are looking for a little camera to put in your pocket this is not it, but for great pictures and ease of use this is a very good camera.


Falls City, NE


Love this camera


This was my first digital camera. I didn't want the typical flat point & shoot. Was looking for something more like the film carmeras that I loved. After researching, I found this was the camera for me. Have not been disappointed. Easy to use camera & software. Pics are delightful. Battery life is pretty good - have had over 3yrs w/out replacing. Nothing negative to say about this camera.


Crozet, VA


Panasonic-Lumix 12x surprised me


I received my Panasonic-Lumix camera for my birthday. At first I was disappointed because it was only 6 megapixels. After using it I soon learned that the 12x zoom was more valuable than the number of pixels it had. At my daughter's graduation we were unable to get seats that were really close and I didn't think my pictures were going to turn out very well. I was wrong! I was absolutly amazed at how well the pictures turned out. We were third row from the very back of the Opera House. When I received my camera, I also got an extra battery, which I highly recommend. At the graduation the battery I had in the camera had run low and I was able to switch batteries and continue to take pictures. The camera also does very well with moving ojects. You actually get a picture not just a blur. I have learned you can't judge a camera by the number of pixels it has! It is fairly big, not one you would be carrying in your pocket, but well worth it!


Spokane, WA


Great camera for people who love to take pictures!


I've had this camera a little over a year now and I love it! It has a lot of different options for picture taking and yet is pretty easy to use. I love the pictures I've taken with it. It even stands up to a fall. On our vacation to Hawaii, I dropped the camera on a concrete sidewalk. All that happened was that it got a scratch, I didn't lose any pictures at all.Great camera!


Montesano, WA


The speed and zoom are great, easy to grip.


This camera is a 6 megapixel, lightweight camera with a high-quality 12x Leica zoom lens. It powers up very fast, almost like a single-lens reflex. Focus and shutter response if very fast.    Picture quality is good. Because of the fast focus and shutter lag time, it is great for taking sequential shots at nearly 3 frames per second. You can take photos at this speed until the memorty card is full.  It has a 2.5" LCD viewer, and a through the lens viewfinder for extremely bright light, allowing you to see exactly what your picture will look like, instead of the usual with non through-the-lens viewfinders. Fast shutter speed up to 1/2000 second. Many features, as a good built in flash that pops up when you want to use it, red-eye reduction and more.  


Houston, TX


Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-FZ7

4.4 7