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Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-FS7

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Built solid and great for the outdoors


I absolutely love my Panasonic camera. This is probably the best point and shoot camera I have ever owned to date and I highly recommend it. It's incredibly user friendly straight out of the package. If you spend some time reading the manual and playing around with it you will find some cool little features, like the action sequence shot. For the most part though I just set it on manual and shoot away. I have taken some of the most beautiful pictures with this camera. The quality of the photos is just unbelievable for a point and shoot camera. The pictures are clear and crisp. I have had some developed into medium prints and they came out looking wonderful. I am confident that even larger prints would look just as good. The battery life on this camera is great. Even with high use and accidentally leaving it on, the battery will last at least two days. The camera is also built very solid and can take a beating. I have traveled all over the world with it and have taken it snowboarding, hiking, and kayaking, and have even fallen on it several times and it still works like brand new. It doesn't get much better than that, especially at this price point.




Awesome Camera!


I really love this camera, one of the main selling points to me was the zoom that was much better than similar cameras. I also bought it on sale which helped. This camera is not too expensive. This will probably be the last digital camera I need to buy due to smartphones, but I still love it. The image quality is very good and a huge upgrade over my last camera. It may not please an expert photographer, but I love it. It is very portable and the battery life is very strong for its price range, which I like. The buttons are easy to use unlike a kodak I recently used and the screen is a good size. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


Huntingtown, MD


Snapping great pictures


I was looking for a camera that could take great pictures and not break my wallet in the process. After doing a lot of research on point and shoot cameras I came across the Lumix. It has been a wonderful camera and takes great pictures both indoors and outdoors. It allows me to capture still as well as video and is super compact and easy to carry. Highly reccommend!


Emmaus, PA


PERFECT Point & Shoot Camera


The Panasonic LUMIX is a wonderful camera! I myself have a Canon DSLR, and after awhile, it got to be a lot, carrying it around. I wanted to have a small camera, that I could slip into my purse or pocket and not worry about carrying a camera bag around. I love my Canon, but I am SO GLAD that I bought the LUMIX. I admit-I am using it more now for everyday photos than I do my DSLR. The photo quality is excellent-it really takes some impressive photos! There are tons of settings on it, and it has face-recognition and anti-shake settings as well. If you're looking for something, small and inexpensive without sacrificing quality-this LUMIX is for you! Note: I have this exact same camera-but in blue. The model number is slightly different, but everything else is exactly the same. Only the color is different. ;) Image Quality Take great pictures, and has great color! Performance Works like a charm. Very pleased with it! Durability I have carried it around in my purse, dropped it...etc...and have had NO problems at all! Battery Life The battery seems to last a very long time! Portability It is small and easy to carry around. It can fit in your pocket!


West Fargo, ND


Great Camera!


This Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7 Digital Camera is an exellent camera for the casual, or serious photographer! At such an affordable price, this camera is definitely the best choice in this price range. The pictures look crystal clear and can easily look epic with the artistic touch of a good photographer. The buttons are easily arranged and you can learn the basics and some complex things in just the first day of having the camera! It is very user friendly and is easily connected to the television or computer in order to view your pictures or see the viewfinder on the TV. It shoots HD high quality movies which is a huge bonus. I use this camera to shoot videos all the time. I recommend getting at least 8GB of memory on a Class 6 memory card if you are going to be using the camera to shoot HD videos, because they take up a lot of memory. I suggest you get this camera and start shooting right away! Enjoy the quality!


Brooklyn, NY


Great camera!


I really love my Lumix camera.  I'm on my second one now, and love it as much as I did my first!  The first one got a little flakey on me after about 3 years, so I feel like I got my money's worth.  I was really surprised to find out how much less the newer ones cost and they're actually better quality!  I guess that's technology for ya!  The pictures are clear, I like the red-eye reduction feature and how I can change the colors to different tones.  I carry my lumix in my purse with me everywhere so I'm known as the "family photographer."  It's small and light weight and is perfect for my needs.  I have 2 small kids that I feel like I should have a camera around at all times in case they do something cute and this one is perfect for that.  I use this one a lot more than I would a bigger, bulkier one.  The bigger ones may be better quality, but if it's too bulky to carry around, you'll never use it!


Sherwood, AR


great christmas present


My husband surprised me with a new camera this Christmas and it was awesome. This camera made by panasonic is a wonderful point and shoot camera and I am able to take so many pictures so fast. I have only had the camera for a week but I think I will have a lot of fun with it. The pictures are really clear and they have several different functions in attempts to capture the best picture. One of things I find hard to find, at first, is all the different functions. You need to look at the manual in order to find all the functions like night setting, soft skin, and baby setting. Also what is really neat is the picture frame function. There are only about three picture frame settings but they are a nice way to spice up a picture for any holiday or event. I The camera is really easy to use and the BEST part is the rechargable battery. I had a camera that took AA batteries and it was a horrible, expensive experience. The Lumix comes with a rechargable lithium battery and recharging station. It is very easy to recharge and the battery has a long life.


Tucson, AZ


great camera for the price


The panasonic lumix dmc-fs7 digital camera has definitely been a great new camera I received over the holidays!  I was looking for an upgrade to a vivitar digital camera I purchased years ago that still performed well but only had 5 megapixels of resolution with 3 times optical zoom.  Looking at current vivitar models, they did not match up to what I was looking for so after reading reviews about the panasonic line, I decided I would try one of the lumix cameras.  This camera does not disappoint in the quality of the prints, and I love how easy it is to use.  The lumix dmc-fs7 has an intelligent auto setting, which helps the camera adjust automatically given the lighting, background, and number of people in the picture.  It really does produce great photos almost on every shot without having to do any adjusting.  The camera also has anti shake and stabilization options so your pictures are not blurry even in low light or no flash situations...really a great deal with so many features!


Evansville, IN


Love this camera


I am so incredibly happy with this purchase.  After years of just okay Canon and Kodaks, I finally got this camera as a result of the good reviews online.  And I am another happy consumers.  The pros: - is rechargeable.  This is huge for me. - menu is easy to navigate.  The logic is different from my Canon, so I had to spend a few minutes with the manual, but after that , it was smooth sailing. - I got a pretty purple color! - the picture quality is amazing.  I must say that I am just a regular, occasional photo-taker. I have no formal training and am not interested in professional-quality photos.  I just like to point and shoot and upload onto my computer.  The fact that I even noticed the pictures were of such good quality is a testament to the camera, because I usually wouldn't notice anything like that. - it's very compatible with my MAC, which I've found to be an issue with some Canons. All in all, a great camera for the money.


Atlanta, GA


Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-FS7

4.9 9