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Panasonic ES8243 Hair Trimmer

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Not as good as Philips Norelco


I would not say it as an excellent razor. But it is okay when compared to Philips Norelco. It gives a very good and close shave but it gives a burning sensation after shave. Also it much costlier than Philips. I was having my own Philips razor previously but later I had to get one for my outside travel. So I bought this as a backup. This gives a very close shave and washing is easy compared to Philips. But this is not good for persons who shaves once a week. If the hair is more, this one finds difficult to shave and it really plucks the hair instead of cutting it. But charge wise, it stays for more days. Sometimes, the charge stays for more than 2-3 days. Cleaning is very easy and we can disassemble it each and every part easily, clean it and then assemble it later. This gives more clean equipment razor and it stays sharp for longer time. The blade comes for more than 6 months and it stays sharp. But if you are comfortable with Philips stay with it.

Westmont, IL


The best shaver I've ever had


The Panasonic ES8243 (Also known as the Arc IV) is hands down the best shaver I've ever had. Its four razors give me a shave that rivals a shave from a straight razor. This is probably because its motor moves at an amazing 13,000rpm (other shavers are about 9,000rpm). It also has a handy pop-up shaver that's useful for my trimming sideburns and random hairs that I miss while shaving. I've had other shavers (A Braun 3 Series, and a mid-level Norelco) and none of them could hold a candle to the Panasonic ES8243 Arc IV. Although no electric shaver is perfect, the Panasonic ES8243 Arc IV is the closest to an actual straight razor shave that you can get. It can be purchased along with a charging/cleaning station, but I opted not to get it because the shaver is fully waterproof so it's easy to clean by simply putting some soap on it and holding it under a faucet. I would highly recommend this shaver.     

Minneapolis, MN


the panasonic es8243 has got to be the smoothest electric shave


i've gotten electric razors for years at christmas,but this is the only one not collecting dust under the sink cabinet.its shaves clean and smooth with no hair pulling.keeps a nice charge.i would recommend this to any guy on the go.

Greenwood, SC


Panasonic ES8243 Hair Trimmer

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