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Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Women

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So easy and fast to use


I've had this little wet/dry razor for awhile now and I really like it. I read all the reviews prior to buying it and was a little hesitant when I saw negatives but decided this was the one I needed for myself. I bought it for the convenience of not having to jump in the shower everytime I needed to shave my legs. And, not having to deal with rusty blades on those horrible throw away things. Disposables have gotten to be so expensive and in reality you can only use them once or twice before they rust, it's much cheaper on the budget to buy a wet/dry. With this little pink Panasonic Wet/Dry razor I can use it numerous times before I have to hook it into the charger. It cuts very close and smooth and the pivoting action works great behind the knees and the armpits. It's never pulled, nicked me or caused any irritation like disposables do. I especially like the way the head just pops off for easy cleaning. I like the popup trimmer on it, because when you get old you get wild and wooly hairs sometimes that you need that nice little trimmer for. Honestly, I've had my Panasonic ES2216 for months and I've probably only had to put it on the charger, maybe 3 times. It holds a charge for a long time! I don't even charge it between uses. I just toss it in the little basket on my bathroom countertop and it's always ready to work when I need it to. Great little razor and it's cute too! I've even considered getting my granddaughter one for a gift.




Panasonic es2216pc colse curves is terrible.


Ok maybe i had high expectations, but this razor is defintaly at the bottem of my list of razors. When i first tried this product it worked ok. My legs still had a small stubble but not enough that it would bother me. They say this razor is both wet and dry. Well they were wrong i first tried it dry and got terrible razor burn. So after that i decided to try it wet. well the razor burn was gone but the more times i used the product in the shower i noticed that the pwoer and efficentacy of the prodct was getting worse each time. At first it took a bit longer to  charge. Than finally the so called waterproof razor was so wet on the inside it completely stopped working after about 20 uses. Im sorry but if you buy a razor that is made to be used in the shower than why did they make the motor so easily burnt out. Is it a way to attempt to get people to buy another product, cause if so than they didnt get me. Want my advice? Don't bother with this product you'll just spend more replacing it.


Milford, NH


For Me, Better Than A Razor


This is the first electric shaver I've ever owned, and I was afraid that it would cut my legs up, for some reason. Actually, this is a very safe shaver that gives a surprisingly close shave. By pulling my skin taught, and pressing the shaver against it just a bit, I ended up with a shave almost as close as with a manual razor. The battery power lasts about an hour. It has a little trouble with really long hair, but can handle it. The best thing about this shaver is: No Razor Burn!! I have sensitive skin, and do dry shaves with this shaver. I press it close to my skin, get a really close shave, and have only the slightest bit of discomfort, which goes away with a small application of lotion. I also don't get ingrown hairs on my legs after using this shaver. It's amazing! No nicks or anything! Shaving my legs isn't like torture anymore. I wish I had bought this thing a long time ago!


Westminster, CO


great razor


I really like this razor. It's so easy to use. The only electric I've ever used before is my husbands :P. This razor is so fast. I purposely let the hair on my legs grow out so I could test it out really good. The trimmer works really well. I shaved one leg dry and one leg wet. The dry leg shaved really quickly. I was very impressed. The other leg I shaved in the shower and I was not impressed at all. The razor kept getting clogged. I eventually quit trying and waited for the razor to dry out before using it to finish the job. Dry I love love love it. I have sensitive thighs and don't shave them very often because of razor burn issues. I have not had issue 1 with razor burn and am soooo excited. I'm actually looking forward to swimming. Now that I won't have a few days of pain afterward. It's not as close as a razor, but that's ok. It still works good. I also found that if I make slow passes on my leg it gets a smoother shave than if I make several quick passes.


Reliance, SD


Received this Panasonic ES2216PC Wet/Dry Shaver for Christmas!


I received this Panasonic ES2216PC Cloe Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Women for Christmas and I like it a lot! The only thing I am not real fond of is the way it is charged. Rather than a cord it has a small "plug box" is the only way I can think to describe it. This forces me to charge it in a room other than the bathroom where I use it because this large plug takes up too much room and I would not be able to plug in the other things I use on a daily basis. A cord charger would have suited my needs better. As far as use, it gives me a smooth, close shave on my legs! It does not tug at the hairs. I love the ease of cleaning and the brush included to aide in this. This shaver is versatile also in that I can use it while showering because it can get wet. I like the color choice, pink, and the sleek design of the shaver itself. It feels comfortable in my hand. It is small enough to pack away for a trip. It would have been nice to have a traveling bag included for such purposes. All in all I love this shaver, and would only want a different charger and perhaps a traveling bag. 


Walton, KY


Panasonic ES2216PC


The panasonic wet/dry shaver is nice because you can use it with out water but, using it with out water can also cause irritation to those like me with sensitive skin. It also needs to be charged which is a down fall to me. I am also afraid of cutting myself when shaving dry and also shaving dry does not give you as smooth of a shave as with a regular razor with soap and water. It also makes noise, which a regular razor does not. I would say that the only pro for me is that you can use it with out water and some women would think that is convienient if they are in a rush and on the go like most of us, especially in the mornings with busy work schedules or for mothers that have little time to get ready or little time to shower. Personally this product did not make my legs very smooth and I would prefer using a regular razor with shaving cream. For me, that seems to get the closet shave possible.


Columbia, PA


You'll never know they were there!


I use my Panasonic close curves razor regularly and it does a really good job of removing the hairs from underarms and legs. It leaves my skin soft and it never has the razor burn like some other razors I have tried. It's glides smoothly on the legs without nicks and cuts. It's a very good product that I have used for a long time and would highly recommend to others.


Brush Creek, TN


Fantastic way to shave your legs


This is the best shaver I have used in a long time! I don't have to use the disposable shavers anymore Whee Hee!!! It cuts smoothly and no nicks and with the disposable ones I had to shave every 2 days with this one it is 3 days. I love it, and would recommend it to any woman.


Sikeston, MO


Got this to save time.


I purchased the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Women to save time.  I thought I could dry shave my legs when I had a little down time or wanted to multitask (like when my kids are reading aloud to me for their homework or when I'm on the telephone or when I don't have time to shower before going to the pool and I need to shave my legs).  Boy oh boy was I wrong.  The Panasonic ES2216 PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Women is not a quick shaver.  Yes it eventually removes the hair, but only after you have gone over the same spot over and over and over and over and over...again!  Who has time for that especially us busy multitasking mothers.  I am not sure what purpose this shaver serves, if I could I would return it, because I do not have the time nor the patients to use it.  Oh well maybe my daughter will want to use it when she is old enough.  Oh I guess one perk is you can't cut yourself shaving with it.


Clayton, NC


This is a great razor product i just love it.


I am so, glad that i went out and brought this product, that being panasonic ES2...x it really doe's a great job on my leg's and under arms. Panasonic is so smooth and light weight it;s not heavy when you hold it it has such a ferm grip that i just love it, yet again my family like's it just as much as i do so i did not care if i had to spend a little extra to be a diva i like looking good and feeling great and that is what this razor doe's for me as a women i feel so special and such i'm a bussy mon always on the go i need this product in my life. I'm very practical when it come's to spending money on thing's for my whole family i want to make such that they have the very best that i can give them so yes i'm a diva for sure especially when it come's to value and budget yet i love being  budget conscios yet fun loving and very willing to pay for quality yes you could say that i am a diva in training here. My leg's not only feel silky they are rich and soft because of this great product that being the one and only Panansonic ES2...x shaver, i have told my friend's about this product and they all agree with me i was shocked by their reaction's. When i told my boss about the shaven product she was not a person who beleived me until i told her to go out and buy it and give it a try and that is just what she did and i got a free lunch out of the deal i was shocked. Yet i was glad that i was able to get other's to try such a great product not only for them but their friend's and family as well so i still smile when ever i use my new found friend the majic. Product people what are you waiting for go out and buy this shaver and give it a try i'm sure that you will fall in love with it just as i did. I have tried many other razors over the year's and let me tell you that i have never found one that has made me happy. It seem's like i was buying a razor every other week just to see if i could find one that worked for me, i just about gave up on thinking that i would ever find one that actually would work on my leg's and arm's until i heard about this razor i'm so glad that some one came up with this new idea of a product to try. It's not ruff but so soft and smooth i'm smiling more then i ever did before because of my best friend, it's not big and not to small just right this razor is a dream come true especially if you have alot og hair like me. Again thank's for such awonderful product.


Boston, MA


Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Women

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