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Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Groomer

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panaspnic is Good for inbetween waxing


This is a decent and inexpensive product that comes in handy inbetween waxing to trim down unwanted hair and make it less noticable. It is available at a lot of conveinent retailers so you do have to go out of your way to get one. It is cheap and last a long time. With the different attacements you can change out you can change the amount of hair you trim off so that you get your desired results. It is nice because you can trim it all the way down so it is not noticable or you can trim it down to where it is the right length for waxing. It is safe and gentle so you can use it on your bikini line as well as your face. You dont have to worry about nicking yourself like you would with a razor and it is quick and easy to use. It is also small and easy to travel with. Men can use it too, my dad uses it on the back of his neck where his hairline grows a little longer than he wants it too. Overall I think it is a decent product for a good price.


Ocala, FL


Razor sharp... and razor perfect!


This product I have found to be particularly and outstandingly amazing. I really loved using it! It left my skin very smoother.. and whats great about the pivoting head facial groomer form panasonic is that it really make it fun to use and i just am not ashamed of the small hairs that used to grow on my upper lip anymore... i am blonde and they did not actually and as a matter of fact show a lot but i referred it to some of my darker haired friends and they love it as well! it makes for a bit of an awkward gift.. so just make sure that you are very comfortable with the person who you are planning on giving this gift to! I really also liked using it on my toes because i had hair that grew there. i also used it on my bikini area... but i bought some rubbing alcohol to clean it with to keep it sanitary. do not use water with it but you should use rubbing alcohol and then just simply blow dry it to get it dry so that there are no little fibers on it from the towel. I loved this product and it made me feel so confident in myself!


Chapel Hill, NC


very good and not expensive


this product works very well it is quite last long and gets the job done easy to use and fast to use even works for thes anoying one hairs that u can never get no neet to pluck wax or any pain full hair removal any more


Lansing, IL


Panasonic ES2113PC works perfectly!


I was at first a little hesitant to try the Panasonic ES2113PC. I have never used a trimmer product on my face before. But, I love this product! It easily and painlessly gets rid of any unwanted hairs. On top of that, it is easier than ever to shape my eyebrows. I love it!


Evergreen Park, IL


Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Groomer

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