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Panasonic ES2045 Epilator

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Pretty but quite useless.


If you are looking to buy yourself an epilator, i would say don't buy this one. I ordered it at amazon.com and received pretty quick, to that I was so impatient to try it out, so as soon as I opened the box I rushed to the bathroom to try it on my leg :).The epilator itself looks really pretty, all girly and pink and the quality of craftsmanship is really good, in other words, it is a good quality product, but unfortunately it didn't work the way it was supposed to, it took me a good half an hour to get rid of the hair on the area approximately 10" by 10", too that I hardly have any hair on my legs and they are pretty thin - and half an hour is too long, cuz then to epil both legs is gonna take like an hour and a half or more, depending on how much hair you have... nah, for that price i'll rather just shave them. BTW, the epilator comes with a second head, which is a shaver, it works fine and quick but that's not the point if I needed a shaver I would've bought one, I needed the epilator, and it didn't meet my expectations, so unfortunately I had to return this item.


Elizabeth, NJ


Great Deal


This is a must have for all ladies out there. This razor is one of the best gifts I have recieved in a long time! You can use it with or without water. I hate shaving gel so this is perfect for me. It takes longer for my hair to grow back than a traditional razor blade. My skin is not irrrated or razor-burned after I shave. It is easy to use even if you are unsure about electric razors. i know some people hate electric razors and I use to feel the same way until i got the epilator! This is a good product with no flaws as far as i am concerned. I will never use a traditional razor again. i am officially spoiled.I have thoroughly enjoyed shaving, since I got his razor. I hate when I put on my bikini and I have all those little red bumps everywhere, but not anymore.  I never get razor burn on my bikini line. I This is definitely a girls best friend. This is a good bang for your buck if you haven't had the pleasure of trying it... You should treat yourself.


Lake City, SC


Panasonic ES2045 Epilator is pretty good


I like this shaver. I would not say that is not necessarily better than any other shaver but it gets the job done. I find that in I really want a smooth shave I still have to shave by hand. Sometimes I will use this shaver to get most of the hair, and then use a hand razor to go over my face to make it smoother. For an electric shaver it is still pretty good. It doesn't pinch as much as other shavers. But, I still have to say it is about average. It's not good, but it's not bad. If your going for an electric shaver this one as good quality but it doesn't stand out from the rest. Yet if your going for this one for a men's Christmas gift it's a great idea. I think most people would like it.


Orland Park, IL


great product


this is a great product for summer, when i am often in a bathing suit and need a quick shave.  it is easy to pack, and comes with a nice carrying case making it safe for travel.  i have used a regular razor for years, and found this one to be easy to use and it doesn't irritate my skin.  i have very sensitive skin and receive abrasions easily so this product passes the test.  it is somewhat pricey, but that is to be expected of a product that you intend to use and have for the long term.  it is actually more economical than disposable products, for example, so those who are budget conscious can have peace knowing that in the long run it is an economical advantage to have this kind of razor.  i was able to find this product on sale, so it made it much more likely for me to buy.  i would recommend it to anyone looking for a portable razor that is not the regular, typical razor where blades go easily.


Valley Cottage, NY


gives me a smooth shave


Being a lady, I think that it is important for me to always have smooth shaved skin. I do not like to shave because It takes me long time since I have long legs. This Panasonic epilator helps make shaving more enjoyable for me. The epilator is easy for me to hold when I am shaving in the shower and that is a comfort because I hate it when I cut myself shaving. This epilator gives me a smooth shave that lasts a few weeks. The epilator is also easy to learn how to use and my teen daughter has one that she says she loves using too. This epilator is nice because I can use it when my legs are damp or dry. The head of this is great for shaving because the head rotates as I glide it around my legs so that I do not miss a single spot. I have sensitive skin and this tool does a great job because it does not leave me with dry or itchy skin. I love taking this with me when I go away from home because it comes with a handy travel pouch.


Oakdale, CT


Better results than just shaving


I had a job for a while that required wearing dresses or skirts, so I needed something that lasted longer than shaving.  I only used the razor attachment once or twice, so this is really just an epilator for me.  It works pretty well.  When you're first starting out with an epilator, it will hurt.  But after a minute or so you get used to it and it's easier.  And as you continue using it, you'll be pulling out younger, finer hair.  And the results last quite a while.  A huge bonus for this epilator is that it's waterproof.  For me, it works better on dry skin, but it's a lot easier to clean it up when you can put the whole thing under a faucet to rinse it off.  I wish the epilator head was bigger, though.  It's only about one inch wide.  But there are two rollers, so that small space does have more tweezers than it could.  I just wish both rollers were longer.  This epilator works well, but there might be better ones out there.


Provo, UT


The Panasonic ES2045 Epilator keeps me sensually smooth.


I'm a professional female swimming instructor and physical fitness trainer, and like to keep myself totally well groomed, and the Panasonic ES2045 Epilator enables me to conveniently stay clean shaven from head to foot. I stay smooth up to 3 days, but use it every day because it feels so seductively cool and refreshing on my skin. It's why I now shave my head too, for a totally clean look. And it's lightweight and easy handling for use in the shower or bath, even with shaving cream. Yes, I'm actually now a bald woman, thanks to the Panasonic Epilator. From hair to my waist, which I kept braided most of the time, to smooth skin, which after a few days of reflecting on, I now prefer, not only because of the convenience of not having anymore hair to keep up, but I think I look even better now bald. And surprisingly, so does my now also bald shaved spouse. So ladies, try the Panasonic Epilator, for a totally smooth shave, and I mean totally.


Henderson, MN


This Panasonic Epilator gets rid of unwanted hair!


**I bought this Panasonic Epilator over a year ago when I was pregnant with my third child.  I've had sensitive skin forever which means razors and I normally don't mix too well.  If I shave I break out with a itchy rash and it bothers me for days and I can't shave again until my legs heal.  If I try to shave before they heal then it tears my legs up even more and I get bloody and itchy.  Along came the epilator.  I was afraid of the pain, but decided to try anyway.  Yes, it hurts some.  I have gotten used to it, though.  I know around certain times of the month there are times when my skin is more sensitive and I won't use it then.  Other than that I use it as often as I need it, which is about 4 times a month.  Less hassle than shaving for me.  It takes somewhat longer to do, but the hair grows back in less time than with shaving.  It's really a God send for me.  My legs actually look like real legs and not just a scabby mess!**   **There is the wet/dry attachment to the shaver which I don't use.  It's just like using a razor to me.  **  


Duck River, TN


Panasonic ES2045 Epilator

4.1 8