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Panasonic ER224 Shaver

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The Panasonic Adjustable Trimmer has flaws.


I purchased the Panasonic ER224 RC Razor to help trim my beard, and also to make it easier to trim my hair. This razor appears to be well made and has a decent weight to it. It is comfortable to hold and seems easy enough to use. Adjusting the height of the cut could not be easier, just turn the large dial. The razor seems to be strong enough, and the fact that it is a wet/dry razor is a definite plus. Unfortunately I have had quite a few problems with this razor. First, the large adjustable comb is very awkwardly shaped and the size makes it impossible to trim my mustache close to my nose. It is also necessary to hold the razor exactly right in order to get a consistent cut, something that is difficult to do with the oddly shaped comb. Also, hair constantly gets clogged between the comb and the cutters forcing me to stop, remove the comb, rinse everything off, and replace everything before I can continue. This is made even worse by the fact that it is quite difficult to remove the comb from the razor. This may not be an issue if you use in daily and make very short cuts, but it does not work well for my needs. I would not recommend this product because I think that there are better options out there for a similar price.

Garland, TX


great for many trimmings


My husband has one of these trimmers he inherited when his dad passed.  He now doesn't see how he did without it.  He trims his beard, mustache, cuts his hair, tapers around his neck area.  It cuts hair very cleanly without that pulling sensation that a lot of hair trimmers do.  No one wants their hair cut and then it is "yanked" out instead of trimmed and this trimmer doesn't do that.  It leave a good close cut, shave.  It's small and compact and easy to handle.  If you do your own haircuts or trims this is the one to have.  The charge stays for a very lengthy time.  It's just a very easy to use product that I would recommend to any guy, or woman who trims their guys hair.  We actually have quite a few shavers, trimmers, etc. but this is the one that is reached for on most every occasion.  If you actually use it then of course it's a good must have product.  If it were to be broken we would definitely be back on the market to find another.

Port Allen, LA


Panasonic ER224 Shaver

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