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Panasonic DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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Fantastic! But not technically savvy may find it a challenge...


I love this Panasonic.  Great combo.  Fantastic piece though I must say a technology newbie may find it difficult to operate.  Having a large library of vhs tapes collected over several years proves to be a problem is the new technology does not produce campatible equipment.  I appreciate the fact that Panasonic have not failed me.  Ever.  And I have been buying their electronics for decades.


Hampshire, IL


probably the best dvd/vcr recorder combo for the money


I bought one for myself and have used it for months without problem.  I plan to buy the same model as a gift.  At this price point this is an amazing machine.  The VCR unit is fine, but I hardly ever use it.  The extra-fast rewind feature is a real plus.  Copying VHS to DVD (legal, noncopyright protected material) is very simple.  It is also easy to input both analog and digital sources.  I've backed up all of my favorite audiotapes to DVD audio in addition to making DVDs of home movies.  It took a little while to master the remote and I still wish that the remote had a button for starting the finalizing process.  I understand you wouldn't want to put a key that allows you to accidentally finalize a disc, but the number of steps to get to finalizing is a bit long and it took a few days before I was comfortable with the process.  Not too much to complain about, but an indication that nothing is ever perfect.


New York, NY


Panasonic DVD Recorder VCR Combo

4.5 2