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Panasonic DVD Recorder VCR Combo


The Panasonic DMR-ES35 gives you the ability to enjoy older and newer media formats without taking up precious space in your home entertainment setup. You've probably got plenty of great stuff on VHS tapes, from your favorite films to home recordings. Instead of taking up room with a VCR and a DVD player, you need a single unit that plays both. That's where the DMR-ES35 comes in. Taking what worked well in previous models and improving them, it also includes new features that make everyday DVD recording simpler than ever. The HDAVI-Control allows you to control multiple components without the mess of wires and remotes that you'd normally face. While enjoying your favorite VHS movies and recording to tape, you can also record & play back DVD-Audio & Video, CD audio, CD-DA and MP3/JPEG discs. With its easy operation and versatility, the DMR-ES15K offers you the DVD player and Recorder you need to complete your home entertainment center.

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Versatile and relatively easy to use recorder combo unit


I had a Sony combo recorder unit before this and the Panasonic much simpler, from the remote to the user manual.  It still has all the functionality without the confusion.  Very simple to transfer VHS to DVD.  Many different recording modes, even including a flexible mode, so that you can record 1 hour 49 minutes and 23 seconds fit so that all the DVD space is used and you maximize digital quality.  The biggest problem with this and many other combo recorders (though not all) is the difficulty and inconsistency of problems with copyright protection.  Some video tapes can be converted to DVD with no problems.  With others, it is impossible to convert (while I know another player that can convert that VHS to DVD).  This can be very frustrating and it would be nice if all players were consistent in what they could or couldn't convert (or just convert them all--I should be able to make a backup of my VHS).

Carrboro, NC


My best electronics buy in a decade...


I love this Panasonic.  Having a large library of vhs tapes collected over several years proves to be a problem is the new technology does not produce campatible equipment.  So the durability of your older players becomes important.  I appreciate the fact that Panasonic have not failed me.  Ever.  And I have been buying their electronics for decades.

Hampshire, IL


Records both VHS tapes and DVDs


Had tried a Sony that I got for Christmas last year, and it was a Pain in the Neck compared to this Panasonic. Instructons are somewhat scattered about the manual so its not always straight forward as to what you need to do. BUT..... if you've played around with some VHS recorders, it's not too much different.   Love the machine, and I don't have to pay for a monthly fee Like Tivo.....  just need to watch it later when I record!   So what's the Problem?? ... Not a Problem HERE! 

New Port Richey, FL


Not an intuitive interface, manual complicates matters


I bought this with high hopes of being able to convert many videos to DVDs to give me more space in storing them. I also had 8mm and MiniDV tapes to convert. Much to my dismay, the simplest maneuver- watching a pre-recorded video/DVD, was now a hassle. I AM able to do the things I set out to do, and I got it at a very good price- but it is so complicated to use, that it's hard to remember all the steps from one time to the next, and the manual is not simple enough to glance at for a "refresher". I suspect this is the kind of item where spending more on a high quality, easy to use unit many makes sense in the long run.

Roslindale, MA


Panasonic DVD Recorder VCR Combo

3.8 4