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Panasonic DVD Player

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Will get you by.


Best priced unit for the amount of options I wanted, but it has an anger causing habit of shutting itself down sometimes if not programming right or if overheats. Works best when it is recording on its timer rather than doing it "live" while watching. (of course I've never understood recording it if your watching it anyway, but that's just me-not everyone.) Programming it took some learning but once you've got it down your set. Next time I'll think on spending more and risk the cost versus pleasure.

Dearborn Heights, MI


Superb DVD Player by Panasonic...


This Panasonic DVD player is simply top of the line and superb! I'm not really sure what other people's gripes on here are about it, but this device has worked perfectly for me for quite a while now and I am very pleased with it. First off, it is inexpensive and is overall a great buy. Secondly, it is well-built and can read a variety of DVD types, including DL disks, which is important to me. I would guess that my biggest gripe was that it too quite some effort to setup the device to connect with my television, but that was in the past and I am greatly pleased with its performance since then. I'm sure it was user error that made it take so long to setup the device. Also, the dvd player could probably use more ports, but that is likely true for most electronics nowadays. Overall, I would definitely recommend this Panasonic DVD player to those looking to purchase a new one because this one is a great buy overall and does what you need it to do.

Washington, DC


Panasonic DVD Player

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