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Panasonic - DMC-TZ4 Digital Camera

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A pretty good do-it-all camera for the casual photographer.


Loaded with features for just about any photography level with great zoom and HD video in a fairly compact size. Image Quality I thought with a Leica lens that I'd be happier with the photos but they're hit or miss. Performance Fast refresh and OK low-light performance. Ease of Use You can set it for auto-everything or get into more advanced settings fairly easily.


Roswell, GA


Simple yet great pictures.


I've had this camera for about a year or so, before this I used a Kodak camera.  I don't recall it's model number but it was a little too bulky for me.  I want a camera that has a lot of power to it, but it small.  This one is awesome.  It does a little bit more than the Kodak did and is about half the size.  I find it very simple to use, there are lots of different settings so it helps if you know something about cameras.  I just don't want one of those huge DSLRs, they take great pictures but I don't have the money and don't know that much about photography.  I've gotten some really awesome pictures from this thing though that people are shocked when they find out I was shooting with this little thing.  I'm by no means a professional photographer, definitely an amateur, I enjoy taking pictures.  This camera is perfect for that need.  Battery life is really good on it too in my opinion.


Virginia Beach, VA


Panasonic/Lumix Digital DMC Camera is fabulous, easy to learn...


This camera the Lumix DMC TZ4 was a purchase I made with the advise of a techie.  He was absolutely correct.  It is easy to learn,  and it has 10 pixils and a zoom.  The photos are crystal clear and easy to transfer to computer.  Highly recommended.  I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.  So if you are a beginner with digital cameras this one is for you.  It has a rechargeable battery that seems to last forever.  The case is very attractive as well as durable.  One thing that was very important to me was the viewing screen.  This one is very large and easy to read.  I was totally afraid of buying a digital camera as I was used to the 35 mm.  I now wouldn't go back as this is so easy and so much better than the old Poloroid instant cameras.  This camera also recognizes faces and ajusts itself.  It makes a lovely gift for anyone for anytime.  I wouldn't lend to anyone as you may not get it back!


Tucson, AZ


Best 10x optical zoom Point & Shoot Camera


Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 8 megapixel (and DMC-TZ5 9 megapixel) has some of the best features on the market for a consumer base camera. One of the best feature is the 10x optical zoom! Forget Digital zoom, the most useless feature on any camera (unless your trying to capture grainy images of Big Foot or UFO's). While most point and shoot come with a 3x to 5x optical zoom . The DMC-TZ Series sports a 10x optical zoom, which will allow you to focus in and take crisp image with an amazing amount of details, especially when combine with the (Tele) Macro Settings. Another great thing is the rechargeable battery kiy which comes with a very nifty portable charging dock, making powering easy if your on the go. On a single day of shooting, I get ruffly about 120 to 130 shoots in, depending on environmental conditions (read the manual for more details). So, pick up a spare battery for long shoots. The new Intelligent system is helpful to those who are not tech savvy about cameras. With features like face detection, intelligent ISO and Exposure enable, taking pictures has never been more simple. Just point, focus and shoot. Many of the built-in presets are useful for novices who hates fiddling with camera settings. Plus, getting information on the use of each of these settings are available at the push of a button. I know many of you think that a higher megapixels camera is better, but this the last thing you should think about when purchasing a camera. If your wondering what is so special about 8 megapixels, here is some info. It is the first resolution plateau at which you can print a full 8x10 at 300dpi (at 300dpi, your picture resolution will be 3,264x2,468 which works out to be 10.9 x 8.2 inches when printing) which is good enough to get a magazine-quality print. I original owned the DMC-TZ1 5 megapixel, which was one of the best products I every purchased. My upgrade to the new TZ4 not because of the 8 megapixel, but for the alteration to the movie options. A few months ago I bought a Panasonic 30 gig HD Camcorder, which was OK. The TZ4 fixed several issue that I had with the camcorder. Such as the video format, which is already in MPEG4 format, no need for conversion software, Image stills are far more impressive on the TZ4 and with auto focusing enable, video zooming has become a lot easier. Memory storage has also been boosted to allow 16 gig SDHC cards to be used on the TZ4 and 5. The TZ5 model allows HD recording up to 1080p. The compact design, also makes it easy to travel without having to carry extra equipment. Overall the Lumix TZ4 is great products for novice and hobbyist. I use it for my Photoshop and 3d projects. My wife loves it, because now she does not have to think, just shoot.


Tampa, FL


Great pics


We bought this camera about a month ago, and I am loving it. It takes nice crisp pictures and is relatively easy to use. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is because I am still learning how to use everything, and it is a bit of a pain to upload pictures. Still, a great camera.


Converse, TX


the DMC-TZ4 is an average camera...nothing special


I was looking for a higher quality digital camera, which was easy to use, not too expensive, and took great pictures.  Unfortunately, I let the guy in the store talk me into buying the Panasonic DMC-TZ4 digital camera.  Don't get me wrong, it is just fine for everyday, run of the mill pictures, and is basically pretty easy to use.  It is nice to have 10 times optical zoom, which was one of the selling points for me personally.  However, I need a camera which takes quality action shots, as my son plays 3 different sports.  This is NOT the camera for that!  It has basically unlimited burst shooting, but it even tells you in the instruction booklet that the pictures will be grainy..so, what's the point?  I did take it with me on vacation to Hawaii and got some good shots of the humpback whales.  They were good, but not as sharp as I would have liked.  I just gave this camera to my 16 year old son to use for fun.  The moral of this story is that it is an average, not great digital camera.


Lenexa, KS


Panasonic - DMC-TZ4 Digital Camera

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