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Panasonic Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off

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Not crazy about cordless irons!


My husband sees me doing the ironing all the time and he wanted to help me out. He thought a cordless iron would make my job easier and would have a cord for the dog or the kids to trip on and pull my ironing board over. Nice thought, but I found it not helpful at all because it I wanted to continue ironing, it lost heat quickly so I had to keep putting it on the base to charge. I found it awkward to put on the base because the cord did not stretch from the plug to my ironing board well so I had to put the base behind me and keep turning around - very difficult! Also, I couldn't set the iron on my ironing board because it wasn't designed to set up - it has to gone on the base. Rather than making my ironing easier, I found myself contorting around to the base and waiting for it to heat up! I'll stick to my current iron with a long cord!! Ease of Use The base had a short cord and it didn't reach to my ironing. Awkward to set it down, move my clothes, pick it up and continue ironing! Design I mentioned the above problem with the base. When I just wanted to move the clothing quickly I couldn't just set it up on the ironing board quickly - it only lays flat and must be put in the base for safety.

Carlisle, PA


This Panasonic Iron is really good


Since purchasing my very own Panasonic NI-L45NR Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off, I have to admit that it is great. The cordless feature of this iron is really good and this is the first Iron that I have owned that is a cordless one. Normally I have to fight to wrap up the electtrical cord of my old iron and it would be very frustrating to do so. The Auto Shut-off feature of this great iron is another special feature that I love about this iron a lot. Panasonic has been known to make great quality products over the years and this iron is one of the innovative products that Panasonci continues to put on the market for consumers to enjoy. The price of this Iron is also really affordable as it does not cost a lot and for all the features that you are getting with this iron, it beats allthe irons out which are really expensive. This Iron tends to give my clothes the best straightening and remove all wrinkle from my clothes. With all these features I love how in the mornigns when I am in a rush, I can simply rely on the Auto shut-off feature and also the fact that his iron is a cordless one so I do not have an electrical cord to wrap up when I have finished using it.  

Fort Lauderdale, FL


I trust this iron especially on days I am late for work!


The Panasonic Electric Steam Iron NI-A56NR offers many great features. The first thing that sold me was the retractable power cord. This really helps in storing it in my closet along with my ironing board. This particular unit is both a Steam iron and a Dry iron.  The spray can be a simple mist or a more powerful spray going over a larger area.  Another feature is a "Vertical Steam" that allows you to hang a garment  to remove wrinkles or the ability to use it on drapes or curtains without touching the fabric to give them a fresh look.  This particular iron is self cleaning.  My favorite feature is the 3-way shut off preventing an accident. If you leave it onj the ironing board plugged in the iron will shut off in 1 minute. If it ends up on its "side" it too will shut off in 1 minute.  And lastly if you have forgotten to shut it off and it is sitting upright the unit will shut off in 10 minutes.  This was an iron designed for me.  There is only one thing I felt could have been changed and that is I wish the cord could have been a little longer.

Butler, PA


Panasonic Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off

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