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Panasonic Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off

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Amazing iron


This iron is expensive compared to other irons in the market today but it is very good for the price. It is heavy, but it smoothes my clothes better that any other iron I have used in the past, inludin much more expensive steam irons that don't do nearly as good a job at smoothing delicate clothing. I think the quality of ironing power is comparable to those of the ones professionals use to iron expensive suits! There are many settings that can be applied, and the settings are easy to control without worrying about choosing the wrong ones. I've used it on many business suits and formal garments and all of them came out creaseless and clean. This iron is a msut have if you're willing to splurge a bit more.

Avondale Estates, GA


Great Iron


Hands down, the best thing about this iron is that it is cordless. I know that many people think that this feature does not matter - we have been ironing with power cords our whole lives. But the cordless feature actually harkens back to the times when we didn't have electricity and warmed up our irons with hot coals or in the fire. The press was perfect! The same is the case with this iron. The lack of cord makes it easy to iron just about anything, including odd shaped items. I can now comfortably iron without awkward fumbling just about anything from linens to curtains, and of course skirts, pants, shirts etc. The auto shut off feature is good because it will prevent fires - it won't however prevent your clothes from burning in case it's left facing down - the shut off feature will not kick in until it's too late. So always put the iron upright when you are done using it. The steam features and heat control are superior quality.

Houston, TX


This iron is oustanding, performance is wonderful.


This product has surpassed my expectations. It's wonderful to not have a cord in the way, easy maintenance and cleaning.  My husband loves this product because we both love to iron. It takes a few minutes to warm up and indicates when ready. Also I love the auto-shut off function and the auto-clean function. I have been recommending this item to many of my friends. Panasonic has gone above and beyond expectations for irons and has developed the iron of the future. My mother has one and she loves it as well and has been recommending it to her friends as well. The price of this product is well worth it and reasonable, it is affordable and very valuable. I gave this item 5 stars (A++++).

Huntsville, AL


Panasonic Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off

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