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DVD Recorder
Panasonic (80 GB) DVD Recorder VCR HDD Recorder

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Best keep secret on the market!


I love this product.  It is the best DVD Recorder on the market and has so many functions, it's just too bad they stopped making it.   The Panasonic DMR-EH75VS is a DVD recorder, DVD player, VHS recorder, VHS player, and SD card reader all in one.  You can take old VHS tapes and put them on DVD, you can record tv shows and watch them later, or even save them to the unit's 80 GB hard drive and edit out the commercials, so you can watch them later.  The remote even has an option for commercial skip, so you can skip one minute of recorded time with the push of a button.   I have taken family videos and transferred them to the unit's hard drive, to then be able to edit them, add chapters and even titles.  You can them take your videos and put them on a DVD, with thumbnails (little pictures that show what a snapshot of what the video is) and make nice gifts for family functions.  There's nothing better than preserving family moments.

Toledo, OH


Panasonic (80 GB) DVD Recorder VCR HDD Recorder

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