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Panasonic 50 in. HDTV TV

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This Panasonic TV is the Miles Davis of Plasmas


When it comes to televisions, I won't skimp on quality. And maybe its too much to say that I love this TV. But I already said it, so I can't take it back. Everything works flawlessly on this TV and in over a year of use I have never had a problem. The picture, even after plenty of use, still looks great, especially if you are watching sports. It looks a lot better than my old Sony LED, which was a 1080p. I watch it usually from a distance of 10-15 feet, so a 720p works just fine for me. The only time you can discriminate the picture quality is if you get up and walk right past it. In that case, you should be watching where you are going so you don't have an accident and not watching whatever happens to be on the tv. You've got a dvr right? Just pause it, man. It is pretty heavy, although I set it up on my stand by myself. But if you don't have Dolph Lungren-Rocky IV type punching power and strength, you might need some help with it.

New Braunfels, TX


Now that I have this I never have to leave the house!


I love this TV! I have had my HDTV for a year now and I love it. The picture is great especially on the HD channels. On those channels you feel like you are actually there. There is nothing like watchind your favorite sporting event in HD on a big screen like this. It also has a lot of features that make it easy to integrate with other devices. It has multiple hdmi inputs, and plenty of aux inputs so that you can use multiple deices with it as well. Panasonic has always been a good TV brand for me and I am sure that I will not have any problems with for a long time to come. It was also a great value for the technolohy. There are a lot of choices out tere for TV's today and with all of the different types of TV's and features available it can get confusing to know if you are getting the features that you need, but I feel that this Panasonic offers just what I need and it did it for the right price which always makes me happy. You can buy this one with confidence!

College Station, TX


beautiful TV - better than going to the movies


We got our new Panasonic Plasma 50" HDTV this past January, after considering many different ones. We settled on this one and it has proven to be an excellent choice! It was extremely easy to set up straight out of the box, all we had to do was set the TV on the base/feet. Note, this is def a two person job- this is a big TV! The picture is SO beautiful -clear and bright. Vivid colors, it makes you think you are actually there in the scene. I have never seen such a clear picture before. Movies look just as wonderful as they do on the bog screen, if not better. We quickly found ourselves re-watching our favorite movies with sweepeing landscapes and amazing cinematography just to see how fabulous it looked on this TV. The sound is also great, no need to hook up separat surround sound, it has great speakers built in that do the job just fine. The SD card slot is fun, we can play the pictures from our digital camera as a slide show on the huge TV, a cool feature. This TV is loaded with great features and I am thrilled with it, would recommend to anyone!

Cordova, TN


Panasonic 50 in. HDTV TV

5.0 3