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Panasonic 42 in. HDTV TV

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Excellent Plasma!!


I got this TV last November and have been using it extensively up to this point. Panasonic is known for their plasma TV's and this particular unit has excellent picture and very rich blacks. It is highly recommended to do the break in slides and tweak it in the "secret menu" before watching it because the default settings don't do it justice. There's been complaints and reports of gradually rising black levels, which I have not personally experienced myself (not a videophile by any means). I have it connected to my receiver, PS3, cable set-top box, and @ times my laptop. Having 3 HDMI slots is very useful. The one thing about this TV is that it's significantly heavier than LCD's and the power consumption is greater. I do hear that faint buzzing sound that is found on most plasmas but it's nothing major and doesn't take away anything from the awesomeness of this unit. If I am in a market this year I will probably aim for a bigger size TV!!


San Jose, CA


Fantastic TV


This TV will suck you in.  We had been wanting to buy a plasma TV for a few years.  Always going through the stores with row after row of flat screens just kind of calling to you.  Well a couple of years ago we went ahead and made an investment in this 42" Panasonic Plasma.  I was very particular about what kind of TV I wanted.  After all these are not cheap...although they are much more affordable now than they were two years ago...oh well.  We looked at LCD and a variety of plasmas.  This TV really blew us away.  The quality of the picture was incredible.  Many TV's will pixelate during high motion moments.  Not this Panasonic.  The quality of the picture was crystal clear.  Especially with cartoons, the images really pull you in.  The downside is that if you have young children you will want to mount them or find a high stand.  Messy hands and Plasma's do not mix.  You cannot clean the screens like normal TV's.  No water or chemicals can be used at all.  If you must clean it use a microfiber cloth and rub gently.  Overall, well worth it.  Enjoy!


Topeka, KS


Beautiful television!


The Panasonic Viera TC-P42S1 42 in. HDTV TV is one of the most beautiful television sets I have ever seen!  My husband and I had saved up money for quite some time and had a specific price range we were looking at when we went shopping.  We did all kinds of research on LCD tv's before we went into the store and had specific makes and models picked out to look at.  However, when we got to the store and looked at all the LCDs, we found that we really weren't in love with them.  And then we spotted this beauty!  It has great specs and is a nice size for it's price range.  It looks really nice and the colors and tones are more natural looking than a comparable LCD tv.  We paired it with a Panasonic blu-ray player and when we watch a blu-ray on it, it's like having a mini movie theater in our living room! Being a professional photographer, I pride myself on having a discerning eye, and this television definitely gets my vote of approval!


Jenison, MI


Panasonic 42" HD Plasma


Purchased this plasma television as a gift, and after looking at it for a while, I definitely will be going out to purchase one for my self. Maybe two. I've looked at quite a FEW HD TV's, but none compare to the Panasonic Plasma. It has the sharpest picture, best color, and shows the best action of all HD TV's I've looked at. No LED, LCD's compare to this. I've even looked at different Plasma TV's, and NONE compare to this unit.  


Northville, MI


Panasonic 42 in. HDTV TV

5.0 4