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NN-H765BF, NN-H765WF
Panasonic 1250 Watt 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven H765WF

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Overall this is a great microwave.


I've had this microwave for about 4 months, and it works great.  I like the turbo defost, quick minute, sensor cook and keep warm features.  The microwave is easy to clean.  So far, it seems to be a good value.  We purchased a trim kit and insert to turn this counter top model into a built-in above our built-in oven. A few things bother me about the mircowave, but not to a high decree.  Most noteablely, you have to really push on the button to get the microwave to open.  Even after 4 months, I often end up pushing it twice to get the latch to lift.  Another thing that annoys me slightly is the inablility to use the microwave and the timer feature at the same time.  Lastly, you have to select a time for the warm hold feature.  My last microwave had this feature, but it was much more convientent to be able to let the warm hold run until I was finished with whatever needed to be finished. Overall, it is a great microwave.

Saint Louis, MO


Good choice.


Excellent appliance. Convenient. Many useful features. Handy preset times. We got this to replace a very old microwave. What a difference it made. We have had this microwave for more than half a year now and we like it very much. This is our first Panasonic microwave and it has been working very well thus far. This particular model has all the featurse we were looking for and more. The microwave has a feature called Inverter defrost and it works quite well. This is a higher wattage microwave so we had to adjust the cook times a little bit. We use this microwave to mainly cook frozen foods and reheat foods. The microwave is big so make sure you have enough counter space. This is a recommended purchase.

San Francisco, CA


Panasonic 1250 Watt Microwave is awesome!!


I simply love my Panasonic 1250 Watt Microwave. There are so many features that I love about this microwave including the baked potato function, the popcorn button, and the sensor reheat feature. We eat a lot of microwave popcorn and the popcorn button makes this process very easy. The popcorn cooks with very few unpopped kernals. The baked potato mode cooks the potato evenly and thoroughly and leftover heat evenly and remain moist. The removable turntable and ring make for an easy cleanup. I have used this brand for many years and it is durable and functional. It does take up more counterspace than my prior microwave that was an over the stove variety. I would recommend Panasonic microwaves to anyone who is looking for a great microwave.

Palm Bay, FL


Panasonic 1250 Watt 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven H765WF

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