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Panasonic 1250 Watt 1.4 Cubic Feet Inverter Microwave Oven

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Although this microwave has great features, it's easy to use.


This Panasonic microwave has so many features that I haven't used them all yet.  But the ease of use is a definite plus.   The control panel is clearly presented and I didn't even have to use the manual to figure out how everything works. Even the clock is easy to set. There is a simple turn-knob for dialing length of cooking that I use most often for quick reheating.  There are also pushbuttons for special settings, such as power level, reheat and defrost. One of the best features in my estimation is the delay timer setting, which I find useful for those times when there are too many things to attend to in the kitchen at one time.  You can set this up in advance and tend to the other parts of your meal and be assured that everything will be ready and hot at the same time. The oven is spacious enough for all my microwave dishes. I like the fact that it is designed with a very flat front face, so that cleaning is easy.  

Orinda, CA


Panasonic 1250 Watt


First of all, I want to mention I don't personally own this, but when my boss asked us what we would like for Christmas one year, we asked for a nice microwave instead of getting each of us individual gifts. We used to have a small compact one but I guess it broke or something because I don't remember where or what happened to it. Anyway, back to this microwave, we had researched to look for a pretty high tech and a higher end microwave, hoping it would bring us years of use for the office especially being used by so many people. So, we found this at a local store. All the functions were nice and pretty but not all that necessary because basically we just use it to heat up our lunches for like 2 or 3 minutes. It worked well for about 2 years, then it started not working, the door wouldnt close. Someone had tried to fix it but it still wouldnt close. If you push it tight, it still runs, but who has time to stand there and push the door. So, overall, we like this microwave or the design and when it was working, but it broke too quickly.

New York, NY


Panasonic 1250 Watt 1.4 Cubic Feet Inverter Microwave Oven

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