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Panasonic 1200 Watt 1.2 Cubic Feet Inverter Microwave Oven

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Great microwave1


No complaints on this microwave. If you have to have a counter-top one, Panasonics 1200Watt Inverter has been great for us. We've used it for over 5 years (may be more than that) and its still going strong. All the features are nice. Defrost, I dont use too much. The power level is easy to take down if youre melting chocolate. Granted I ALWAYS recommend people use the stove top for cooking. Its probably a lot healthier. However if you use or need a microwave, this one has given us no complaints. Performance Flawless. Turntable is great. Power is great. Buttons are great. Great. Settings/Features I'm not a BIG fan of extra buttons. In fact if the pad gets too cluttered I think its annoying. I never use the popcorn button, or the pizza button, or any other button. I like to have precise control and that means "cook time" is my main feature. So, while I"m basic, it has some extra buttons. They're there if you like them. Thankfully there aren't too many of them to become confusing. Ease of Cleaning No one like to clean a microwave. But this is about as easy as any other. :) Everything I've tried to get off, has come of with relative ease. Esp if you micowave some steam first. Ease of Use Very easy. Anyone could use it. (which can't be said of EVERY microwave... amazingly enough.) It has buttons but not too many buttons... Durability So far so good. We've owned ours a long time and its never had a problem. Design Wouldn't change a thing. Note that ours does not have a black "window." It is grey. I like that better.



Awesome Microwave


This is a very good buy.  The Panasonic NN-615W microwave is big enough to heat up a mini-pizza, worked great for what I needed.  When my little sister mistakingly microwaved some aluminum foil, yes there was smoke, yes the fire alarm came on, yes the firemen showed up, but the microwave cleaned up like a whistle and is still usable.  Speaks volumes to the engineers who built this thing.  Like most microwaves these days, it has settings for popcorn, baked potatoes, thawing chicken, which work just as good as any microwave I've ever owned.  If you are in a store and see this microwave on special, I'd say go for it.  You (hopefully) won't regret it.  I don't like the design much, which is it's only con.  It's very plain in white and black.  But for the price, hey, you can't beat it.  I looked at some GE models, LG, even other Panasonic microwaves, and this surpassed the rest in price and quality.

Boston, MA


Panasonic 1200 Watt 1.2 Cubic Feet Inverter Microwave Oven

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