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Panasonic 1000 Watt 0.8 Cubic Feet Commercial Microwave Oven

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A Must Purchase Panasonic


We purchased this microwave from eastwestusa store last month which is so simple to use and it has all the usual capabilities of a full-size microwave. There are 10 power levels and the obligatory digital clock and controls.. The small owner's "manual" has hints for defrosting and cooking techniques. The see-through door is very useful for having a look at the food being cooked. Different power "levels" of the microwave are there to cook the food as per requirement so as to grill, steam, fry or bake... Serves to be very helpful when to cook different types of food.. For me its worth the money and is working very fine        

Sunnyvale, CA


Without a doubt the best Microwave in Panisonics history


The Panasonic 1000 Watt Microwave NE-1024 is inspired by genius. Its high energy capability gives the wonderful ability to quickly and efficiently heat or cook your food to perfection. In the past other Microwave Ovens have made a dent in history, but nothing trumps the cooking power of the NE-1024. The Ne-1024 has a vast array of cooking functions that make everything a possibility. The NE-1024 is a commercial Microwave, hence its incredible durability. You can use it again and again without need for repair or replacement. On the off chance something does happen to this hardened steel shell you will be safe due to the wonderful 3 year warranty. The front of the oven is plated with beautiful sleek stainless steel. It's also perfect for use in a public environment for customer or employee use. The NE-1024 comes equipped with a brilliant Anti-Theft system. With this enhanced security you will never have to worry about theft.

Ashland, OR


Panasonic 1000 Watt 0.8 Cubic Feet Commercial Microwave Oven

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