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Panasonic 0.8 cu. ft. 950-Watt Microwave


Panasonic has collaborated with the "Culinary Institute of America" to prepare recipes that can be used in a microwave. You can bring that certified master chef skills out with this mid-size 0.8 cuft capacity microwave. This oven offers Panasonic patented "Inverter" Technology that offers linear cooking the prevents overcooking on the edges and surfaces and gives juicer and tender food every time. The NN-SD372S offers 950 watts of high cooking power, while its on-touch Auto Cook / Reheat, making cooking a variety of food easier than ever. Other highlights include Pop-out Programmable Dial with button panel, "Inverter Turbo Defrost" technology, 5 Power Levels, Popcorn Key, Keep Warm mode, Delay start, Timer, Quick Minute, 11 1/4" Turntable and More/Less Control. The countertop microwave oven measures 19 3/16" (W) x 15 9/16" (D) x 11" (H) and weights only 20.9 lbs. Stainless Steel face with a silver wrap finish PLEASE NOTE: UPPER LEFT-CORNER OF THE DOOR HAS A SMALL INDENTATION TO ALLOW THE DOOR TO OPEN SMOOTHLY AND IS COMPLETED AT THE FACTORY

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I love my Panasonic Microwave!!


It makes it so easy to heat up my dinners and lunches, easy to use and easy to clean Performance I've found it's so easy to use this microwave and it performs consistently, heats up food evenly and I love it. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean Ease of Use Easy to use Durability Have been using it for about a year now, and it seems new Design I like the way it looks

Southgate, MI


Super Microwave Oven!


We received this microwave oven a few years ago as a gift. I love the size- it is great to heat up individual plates and casseroles. The features on this are great. I love the sensor reheat option, timer, and different food options. The stainless steel design and black look great with my other appliances. I would definitely refer my friends to Panasonic based on this microwave oven. I don't have any other products by Panasonic, but I am happy with this product so I would purchase others. I think for the price, this is a great option for a microwave oven. The only downfall to this microwave, compared to others we've had in the past, is that it is missing a few buttons that I think would be helpful. For example, our old microwave had a "30 sec" button, a popcorn button, and a baked potato button that we used frequently.

Canton, MI


Little Powerhouse!


We've had this microwave for about two months now and just LOVE it! It's good looks are only surpassed by it's ability to quickly and quietly heat food. I really couldn't ask for more! We were looking (for a long time, mind you) for a microwave to fit into a small kitchen cabinet that is 15" deep and 21" wide. We use the microwave regularly for warming up coffee, heating leftovers and making microwave popcorn. We can fit our 11" dinner plates on the turntable - no problem. Our previous microwave was 20 years old, maybe that's why this one seems so quiet, but you really can barely hear it run at all. Another nice feature in the design is that the sides of the microwave are silver - many others have a S/S door and sides/tops that are black - so it gives this unit a nicer overall look. Also, it has 950 watts so it really works FAST. I love this little microwave and would highly recommend it to anyone! Performance Works well - lots of power to defrost and reheat! Settings/Features I still haven't used all of the available features, so I'm more than happy with the settings available. Ease of Cleaning Turntable can easily be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. Haven't found any spots that are impossible to get to. We had a butter explosion inside and you wouldn't know it. Ease of Use I really like the 'quick minute' option. Use it daily to reheat my coffee. Durability I'm going to say "good" here only because I've only owned the unit for two months. It seems quite sturdy, though, and I don't anticipate any problems. Design This is a really good-looking microwave. Clean lines make it look more expensive than it really is.

Holland, MI


Great surprise Christmas gift


This heats quickly and efficiently. It also is exceptionally quiet (but that might just be in comparison to our nearly 20-year-old one). We don't have any problems with it, but it is taking some trial and error to get times for whatever we're making right. It's funny the difference 100 Watts and 20 years can make. Ease of Cleaning I'm assuming easy. I haven't had to do it yet.

Wilmington, NC


Great once you figure it out


I love this microwave. We actually custom designed a hole in an unused cabinet in our kitchen with this microwave in mind because the front face is so flush. There is a large dial sticking out but it still looks very clean. There's no door handle, so you have to push a large rectangular shaped button to open the door, which means fingerprints all over it and the door (from closing it). There's also no keypad on it. I REPEAT: NO KEYPAD!!! This is a very distinct design change from pretty much every microwave oven on the market. Instead, the dial is used to set the time. This means you have to set times in increments of 5 seconds. Not a big deal because if you are heating something for a short specific time (lets say 12 seconds) chances are you are going to be standing by and making sure it isn't in there too long. The only other problem I had with this microwave is that out of the box, it was set with the system locked. It took a little time to figure out how to unlock it. After using it for the last year, I can honestly say that of all the microwaves I've ever used, this is the best. I really feel like I can control the amount of heat used and cleaning, although it is frequent, really only takes about 5 seconds to complete. Anytime someone comes over and needs to use it, I have to explain how, but now that I've gotten used to it, using a microwave at someone else's house seems archaic. If there was one thing I would change about it is that the door itself, while it seems to have a good amount of weight, when opening and closing, it does make a bit of a "cabong" noise. Performance Great performance. No issues. Settings/Features Pretty simple. Has more features than you would expect from looking at it. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. I would have given ease of cleaning 5 stars, but you have to clean pretty often. Ease of Use This is one of the least intuitive products I've come across but once you get the hang of it, it seems years ahead of the next guy. Durability Great solid design. I would have given it 5 stars but the door can be a little noisy.

Castro Valley, CA


Perfect for Our Needs


I bought this Panasonic 950-watt microwave to replace the GIANT old machine that was hogging too much counter space. I've only had it for a couple of months, but overall I like it. I will say that it's not the most intuitive microwave to use, so buyers should definitely plan to spend a little time with the instruction manual! Since we mainly use a microwave just to reheat leftovers, for our purposes this works just fine. I haven't noticed anything special about the "inverter technology" but that might just be because we aren't doing anything fancy with this microwave. I love how small this unit is, saving counter space while still having a capacity large enough to accommodate a regular-sized dinner plate. It doesn't give off a ton of heat like my old microwave used to do, and it seems a little bit quieter, too. The biggest complaint I've read about this particular microwave is that it attracts fingerprints like crazy. And while that seems like a rather silly complaint about a stainless steel appliance that otherwise works well, I do have to admit that it is surprisingly annoying. Part of the problem is that this microwave doesn't have a door handle, so you are constantly putting your fingers all over the front of the microwave to open and close the door. A handle would be a nice touch (pun intended!) because it would cut down on so many of the smudges and fingerprints that quickly become an eyesore. Performance This works great for our needs, but it's not the most intuitive microwave to use. Settings/Features I haven't used all the "special" features and settings since we only use our microwave for simple reheating of leftovers. Ease of Cleaning I am using a microwave cover to cut down of the splatter and general nastiness that microwaves tend to invite inside. But I really wish this microwave had a door handle to help cut down on the smudges and fingerprints that cover this thing as soon as I finish cleaning it! Ease of Use Plan to read the user manual! This microwave is not at all intuitive. Durability So far so good. Everything seems durable and sturdy. Design Looks nice and has a very small footprint without sacrificing capacity.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Panasonic 0.8 cu. ft. 950-Watt Microwave

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