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PanOxyl PanOxyl clear skin soap bar

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Panoxyl is the soap you need


I tried the PanOxyl soap bar and the body wash. It cleared up my skin in just a few days. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to get rid of their acne on their face or their body. I had terrible bacne as I like to call it and sometimes left scars on my arms and back and it hurt. I still have some scars left over from the acne but I have no more acne. I think it's great. I was kind of sceptical at first about trying it, but when I tried it I saw automatic results.

Philadelphia, MS


The Panoxyl clear skin soap bar was very drying to my skin


I am one of those people that has had minor acne, but thinks it to be serious acne. I have tried alot of different creams, washes, toners, 3 step systems... etc. I even went to my doctor, so i could get a professional opinion. He reccomened a product called Benoxyl. I went to the pharmacy, and found out that that product was very expensive, but that they had a product thats was very simular. That product was called Penoxyl. So, i decided to try it. At first, i was impressed because it reduced the size of my pimples in just a few days. However, it also dried my face out. It was especially dry in areas around my mouth, by my chin. Determined not to give up on yet another acne treatment, i started using a high quality mousturizor, which i thought would combat the dryness. However, it just made my skin oily. Therefore, it is definetely not worth it to buy a soap bar like Panoxyl thats is very drying, and just hope to match it with a mousturizor.

Fullerton, CA


PanOxyl PanOxyl clear skin soap bar

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