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Pampers Feel N Learn Training Pants

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Great value!


I love these training pants! Both my boys have used them, and they are very durable. They have never torn apart, and are able to be pulled up and down several times during the day. They also hold a lot of moisture, and can be used at night. I also like that they feel cool when the child "leaks" so that they learn control.I always buy them on sale and with a coupon, which makes them VERY affordable.


Shepherdsville, KY


Pampers training pants are great!


I wish these training pants had sides that could reattach.  I do not like tearing them, it can make a mess if she has an accident in them.  My daughter loves Dora, so I was happy to see her on these pants.  We call them her pretty Dora Panties.  Leakage protection is pretty good for the occaisional accident.  I wish they came in a smaller size, as my daugher is a pretty petite little girl at 20 months.


Ellensburg, WA


Great for Toddlers more experianced with potty training


My Daughter is 2 and we have been doing Potty training haphazardly for the past 4 months--she is the driving force. I am comparing these with the Huggies brands. Pros: Daughter loves Dora and wants to wear them Daughter can easily pull them on and take them off herself They are absorbant, can be used for overnight with no leaks We tested these with a week-long stomach flu and never once had a leak, even in the night, even while climbing all over furniture, even while riding ride-on toys. Cheaper than Huggies Cons I HATE THAT YOU CANNOT TAKE THE SIDES OFF. You have to rip though them if you're changing your kid the normal -put-kid-on-back- way. There have been  many messes made because of this and it really really is inconvenient. However, huggies is too expensive in my opinion to pay for this one con, so it's not a show stopper for us, Overall, this had made the potty training much more bearable and given our little one a sense of pride and independence.  


Albany, CA


Pampers FeelnLearn training pants don't help with potty training


Pampers Feel n Learn training pants do not help my daughter learn when she needs to use the potty. The pants are supposed to feel cool when the child wets them. Either my daughter just ignores the coolness or doesn't notice. These pants are easy for her to get on and off.


Titusville, FL


Difficult for a toddler


Okay so i know the whole potty training thing can be scary right? Well picture this, sitting in a hallway with 14 pre school children six of which are in the middle of potty training.. Scared yet? **Pampers Feel N Learn Training Pants have both there pros a cons. As a pre school teacher they are my nightmare. I love the fact that they have the desings to let the children know when they are wet but the sides make it difficult. Most children have not mastered the fact that you do not need to strip down to the nude before changing your diaper. So haveing pull ups without the reconnecting sides makes both ends more difficult. Just imagen little Suzzie taking off her pants and pull up off in the middle of hall. Once the children have mastered the bathoom and know about privacy by all means. Give them the "Easy ups" until then.. lets stick to the reconnecting sides. **


Lewiston, ME


Should have stuck with Pull-Ups


I have always been a big Pampers fan.  We used Swaddlers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes and loved them!  So when it came time to potty train my middle daughter we thought we'd stick with a Pampers brand and bought the Feel N Learns.  BIG mistake!  It was no different than buying diapers.  Everytime we sat on the potty (every 1-2 hours) we had to put a new one on because the sides on these tear constantly.  One time my daughter pulled her pants down and the Feel N Learn was only attached at one side the other side had torn in half!  The nice thing about Pull-Ups is the velcro sides.  If you need to change one, or if it just comes undone you can velcro the Pull-Ups back together.    Needless to say when the Feel N Learns were gone we bought Huggies Pull Ups!


Fort Wayne, IN


Thankfully, something he doesn't mind wearing!


  I have tried every training pant on the market and these are the only ones that my 3 yr old son will wear.   I have also out of desperation with training my son found the one and only piece of advice that has truly helped.  I follow my son with a bowl, a disposable bowl that I catch his pee in when ever he goes.  After a week or so of this he now looks for the bowl but even with that I couldn't get him to wear any other training pants.  These have been a life saver on my laundry budget.


Groveland, MA


They work...sorta


In general, the Feel and Learns are good products. The designs (currently Dora for girls, not sure for boys) are fun for the kids. My daughter loves getting her "Dora diaper panties." and putting them on herself. They pull up just like panties, and the designs make it easy for her to tell which direction is the front. However...there is no real way for the child to tell if they are wet or not. Unlike PullUps brand that has the wetness liners and the cool alert, these have nothing. So most of the time, I have to tell her she's wet b/c she doesn't realize it. They are just like a diaper when it comes to being wet. She realizes she's dirty, but not wet b/c the absorb like diapers do. I would recommend them, but not to someone who was just starting potty training..only to someone who was working later on in the training.


Mason City, IA


Pampers Feel N Learn Training Pants

3.5 8