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Pampers Easy Ups Boys' Training Pants

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Love them


This is a very great product to have for your child when you're on-the-go or just at home relaxing and the moving around in the pull up itself is very absorbent no leakage all the way around it's a good product.

Greenville sc.


Good fit, comfortable, and easy to switch to from diapers.


We recently started working on potty training for my 2 year old son. He switched easily over to these training pants. They did recently make a change in these so they fit a little bigger than the originals, but they still work excellent. My son likes being able to dress himself using these and imitating how adults get dressed. We even use these for overnights, which in the past we used specific diapers for overnight versus daytime wear. I believe these are truly helping him understand how the process works for potty trained individuals. Also, the boost in independence it gives him is wonderful.

Rome, PA


Not easy to get off when pooped


Love pampers easy ups just not a fan of the sides. It's hard to change when my son pooped.

Hartland mi


Helped Potty Train my son


I have used pampers since my oldest son was born and so it made sense for me to try these when we started to potty train. I debated using Huggies or one of the generic brands that opened at the side and even tried a few of them, but in the end these worked best. First my son liked that Diego was on them. What I liked was that he could get them on an off by himself without the sides coming apart. I find these to be much more like the Cruisers than the Baby Dry, I feel like they are made of a higher quality material and when there are accidents they do not hang as low as most. I didn't have problems with them leaking, even at nap time or bed time. My only complaint would be that with a three year old frequently pulling them up and down (I had him going to the potty every twenty minutes when we started) the sides can begin to tear and we lost several diapers due to this. Overall, I would recommend these to those potty training.



Pampers Easy Ups Boys' Training Pants

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