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Pampers Baby Dry Overnight Extra Protection Diapers

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They keep your little one (and their clothes and the bed) dry!


My son was waking up every few hours in regular diapers simply from being wet. The first night I tried the overnight diapers, he slept through the night. I know he was waking up because his diaper was too full, and his clothes were becoming wet. But, with overnight diapers, he stays dry, and he is able to sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time. Ease of Use These diapers are extremely easy to use. They just have much more absorbency than other diapers- and they need to. They will (hopefully) not be changed within 8 hours, where normal diapers and changed every 4 hours or so. I am happy with how easy the pampers are to use. Leak Prevention With regular diapers, my son leaked through the diaper, onto his clothes and into his bedding. Since using Pampers Baby Dry Overnight Extra Protection Diapers, we have not had one leak, and my son has slept much better because he is drier and more comfortable. Comfort My son is extremely comfortable in his over night diapers. Absorbency These diapers are considerably more absorbent than regular diapers used for during the day. He wears them for at least 8 hours at night while sleeping, and they do not leak. I am impressed with the amount of liquid they hold.




Seemed no different than the pampers baby dry


I really needed an overnight diaper for my infant. He was really a wetter. He would soak through his diaper by the middle of the night which would wake him up when his pajamas and bed got soaked. I read the box which stated it had more absorbency and more wetting zones for night protection. I brought them home and I opened this overnight diaper to compare to the Pampers baby dry diaper I was already using and it looked no different and didn't feel thicker. Except for the decoration, it looked like the same diaper. The diaper did not hold up overnight. He soaked through it halfway through the night. I used a weeks worth of diapers and every night was the same. I was tempted to return them but didn't know if a store would take back a used open diaper box. I was very disappointed that I paid more for what appeared to be the same diaper as the baby dry diaper with different decorations. I love Pampers but not this diaper. I actually decided to go up one size on the baby dry diaper for nighttime use and it worked like a charm. I guess the bigger size absorbs more and it fixed the problem. No more wet pajamas and sheets.




Not worthy for overnight....


These provided mediocre protection for my 2 year old who isn't much of a "wetter" at night. Husband got these on accident but I decided to give them a try. They didn't "leak" per say but they did have a "wet" feel on the outside of the diaper after minimal wetting & only about 2 hours of overnight sleeping. They woke her up they were so moist. Definitely wouldn't recommend & purchase again as a go-to diaper. Ease of Use Like any diaper, it was easy to put on! Leak Prevention They didn't "leak" really...no streams of pee...but they did "sweat" & feel "moist" after only a few hours on over night. Comfort Pampers have always been comfortable, never leaving red marks or ridges on my baby's skin. Absorbency Terrible...wouldn't do this again. Maybe I got a bad bag but I doubt it. I have experienced other brands of diapers that "sweat" as well & my only guess is the chemicals involved in making them. From now on, I will continue to cloth diaper my baby until she potty trains...




Pampers Baby Dry Overnight Extra Protection Diapers

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