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Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

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really love this product


These are the best diapers hands down!




My all time favorite diaper


I was surprised by the reviews on these diapers because they are great! I've tried almost every type of diaper and these were always the best especially for the price and amount! They are soft and absorbent and easy on the wallet! I would definitely recommend


Orleans, MI


Great Diaper.


This is a great diaper for newborns. They always have these at the hospital. They keep everything inside and help stop leaks and small lil blow outs. I use these for all my new babies. They keep babies dry through the night and keep baby comftorable and sleep through the night.


Clearfield, UT


Good for overnight


Once my son started sleeping in longer stretches during the night, we wanted to use a diaper that would keep him dryer for a longer time. These did a great job of keeping him dry while he slept, which I think helped him sleep even longer! These were also nice for overnights when we were still trying to get adjusted to using cloth diapers. Until we were ready to use cloth at night, we used these for a while and were very pleased. Ease of Use These were very easy to use, though sometimes the fasteners would get stuck without me realizing it at first. I would have to go back and pull them out to keep the diaper on, which sometimes meant undressing my son all over again. Leak Prevention We never had a leak with these diapers. Comfort As disposables go, these seemed comfortable for my son. He never experienced any diaper rash. Absorbency These diapers were great for holding a large amount of liquid for a longer amount of time.




Loose fit, leakage


I have used many brands of diapers for our new baby. However, from all the brands tried, these seem to fit very loose around her legs, which lead to leakage. Also they seemed to be thinner than other brands.


Xenia, OH


Worst diapers, Ever!!!!


Pampers Baby dry are supposed to keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours.  What a joke!  My newborn has a diaper change every 3 hours or more often if her diaper is noticabley soiled.  After only 2 hours of wearing a Baby Dry, her onsie was soaked!!!  How can the diaper keep her dry when it leaks??  Poor value!


Lynchburg, VA


Does the job..but not cheap.


My daughter is a year old now and has always been in disposable diapers..So I definately know the "ins and outs" of diaper brands and quality. This particular brand of diapers I only buy when I have a regular manufacturer coupon with a store coupon to match purely because the outrageous prices they have with being a name brand diaper. There isn't much scent to these diapers, which is good if you have to worry about your baby getting a rash or breakout. They are fairly absorbant, but I honestly don't think they are all that much better than that of any regular off brand diaper. So I guess I would suggest to just buy your generic off brand diaper or just buy these diapers when you can get a good deal on them. The only really good thing about Pamers baby dry diapers is that it is Pampers only diapers now that don't include the new and "improved" Dry Max Technology. This Dry Max technology is horrid and gave my non-allergic daughter a horrible blistering red rash.


Decatur, IL


Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

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