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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Knife Set

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worth the money


I have owned my knife set for about a year and dont know what I would do without them..They are very easy to handle and they cut just about anything. My main concern was though, they are not dishwasher safe with which I have had a few problems. other then that the knives are a great investment as they come with a life time warrenty.

Jacksonville, FL


Forged Cutlery is Worth the Investment


*Disclaimer: I sell Pampered Chef because I love it, rather than the other way around.* Forged Cutlery is one of the pricier lines of Pampered Chef products, but they are worth every penny. When I first started selling Pampered Chef, my 5" Utility Knife was the first piece my husband was sold on. Suddenly he was eager to help in the kitchen - as long as he could hold the knife. Getting more Forged Cutlery was quickly added to the top of the To-Do list. Unfortunately, due to the cost, it kept getting shoved further down the priority list. That is, until they came out with this set. Not only does it include all the Forged Cutlery I could want, it also comes with an attractive knife block to store all of it in! Yes - it is PRICEY. BUT, if you wait until it is offered as a Hostess special, you can host a show and purchase this set for 60% off - that's what we did. No - it does not make the set cheap, but it makes the price more reasonable. And when I consider it's probably the only set of knives I'll need in my life (considering the lifetime guarantee - it better be!), that's worth the investment to me. And anyone who has ever been in my kitchen and used these knives has noticed - "That's the best knife I've ever used!" You won't regret it, I promise.

Shawnee, OK


Best Knives Ever!


When I first tried The Pampered Chef Forged Cutlery... There was NO going back!  These are by far the best knives I have ever used!  Total awesome.  They are forged, not pressed so they do need to be honed to be kept sharp.  You (very rarely) do need to have them professionally sharpened.  They can slice a tomato with no effort on your part!  Awesome! And the knife block is bamboo, not wood so it does not hold moisture.  Yay!  Also, The Pampered Chef Forged Cutlery has a lifetime warranty, so the cost is absolutley worth it.  However, there are many ways to get the knives at 50 -60% off.  They are extremely sharp, so be forewarned if you have children that help out in the kitchen,  The only drawback I have found is that they are NOT dishwasher safe.  The high heat can warp the metal.  But, that is a small price to pay when you have such a high quality knife!  I would definitely recommend these knives to anyone!

Kingfisher, OK


Pampered Chef Knife Set is heavy duty and sharp.


The Pampered Chef Knife Set with the Bamboo block is a great investment in the kitchen.  It comes with nine different knives, kitchen shears and a knife sharpener and the bamboo block to store everything.  The knives are incredibly sharp compared to some of the cheaper knife sets that I've purchased before.  They cut through everything with ease.  I remember with the cheaper knife sets, my knuckles would be sore from trying to push through hard foods, but I have not had that with the Pampered Chef Knife set.  I like that the knives are heavy duty so I know they're not going to bend or slip when I'm cutting something hard.  The set comes with nine different types of knives for different uses.  My favorite is the Paring knife because it can be used for so many different things and it's easy to hold in my hand.  I also like the two Santuko knives because they are a bit heavier and more sturdy.  The set also comes with the kitchen shears, but I could not fit the shears into any of the slots in the Bamboo block. 

Fort Wayne, IN


Pampered Chef Knife Set

4.8 4