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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Stainless Steel Cookware Set

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Best set of Pans I ever had!


Pampered Chef's Stainless Steel set of pots with glass lids is an exceptional set that cooks flawlessly and cleans to a dazzling shine. Included is a large, deep skillet, perfect for pastas, frying chicken safely and cooking for a crowd. The covered Dutch Oven is a nice 6 Qt. size that works perfectly for my small family, yet handles chicken and dumplings like a pro! All pieces are finely crafted with easy to handle handles even to having an extra handle on the large skillet. The lids are see through so you can monitor your cooking process without losing temperature.  All pans are dishwasher safe and built with good heft without being too heavy to handle. The best part, for those of you who participate in Pampered Chef parties, is it is open stock with other specialty items to be added and if the hostess gift has a hefty percentage off of any one item, what better item to purchase than these pans! The set includes a small saucepan with lid, medium skillet with lid, dutch oven with lid and the large skillet.

Farmville, VA


Pampered Chef Stainless Steel Cookware Set

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