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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Rectangular Chillzanne Platter

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Great product, if it does not break


I purchased the Pampered Chef Rectangular Chillzanne Platter several years ago and have used it a handful of times...not because it is not useful; I just forget I have it most of the time. However, even with such little wear, I already have a product that is broken and cannot be replaced. This item is no longer available in the Pampered Chef catalogs. The product is made up of a hard plastic base and fitting lid. It also has an insert that is two sided (one side is smooth, one side has grooves for deviled eggs to rest on). There is also a hard plastic insert that can divide the inner platter into sections (for example for a veggie tray etc...) Unfortunately, although Pampered Chef is good about carrying parts to obsolete items, they no longer carry the inner insert. The insert is a piece that has the Chillzanne liquid inside that can be frozen to keep items cold. Mine was cracked and the liquid seeped out everywhere. Overall, not one of the better products, despite being super useful.

Spring, TX


Pampered Chef Rectangular Chillzanne Platter

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