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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Pineapple Wedger

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EVERYONE should own one of these!


If you go to grocery store and purchase a pineapple that is already peeled and cored, you always pay extra money. You don't have to anymore. That is exactly what this product does- cores, peals, and sections. Ease of Cleaning Top shelf of dishwasher. This is a dishwasher safe item. No problems. Durability You must use a little bit of elbow grease when using this and it stays nice and strong. As you are pushing down on your pineapple, you don't feel it wiggling or that it might break. It's made very well. Design The design is no fail. You take you pinapple and cut off the top and the bottom, so the pineapple lays flat on a cutting board and you are able to put the pineapple slicer flat against the top. You push down evenly on both sides using the handles. If you are short, you may have to stand on something because you need a little bit of strength to push down. I always wiggle it a little bit as I am pushing down to keep the sides even. Once it is through, pull out your cored, cut pineapple!




Join gym before attempting The Pineapple Wedger at home


I'll give it "dishwasher safe," but everything else in the product description of the Pineapple Wedger is complete chicanery.Perhaps the most laughable attribute is that it works its magic in an "easy step." Remember your first Zumba class? Those steps were easier. Much easier.While doing my grocery shopping today, it came to me that summer was almost over, and I decided to buy the obligatory summer pineapple. I also remembered the latent Wedger, and so I figured that the two would meet in a Hollywood style romance around six this evening.I got out the cutting board and began what was to be the single worst food prep experience of my life.  First, you have to cut off the "puffy" part of the pineapple. I guess by "puffy," I mean "spiky." And by "spiky," I mean, while you have the knife out, save yourself the trouble and just cut up the whole darn thing--leaving the Pineapple Wedger stashed safely away in its packaging along with the apple, corn, radish, celery, and fennel wedgers in your drawer.I kept going, though. I cut both ends off of it. I tried to line up the bulls eye with what I thought was the inedible core of the pineapple. Of course, 45 minutes later, the entire fruit was inedible. I pushed, pulled, sat on, squeezed, grunted, twisted, and strong-armed my way through the pineapple. It's sticky juice traversed the entire square footage of the island, slipping all over the worthless plastic bottom that comes with it, but the pineapple was still intact.Finally, two chipped teeth, and one Santoko knife later, I had a bowl full of crushed pineapple semi-circles, tidbits, spears, and even some minced rind, which I grated using the mandolin. You really have to have some muscles (or a good case of gravity on your side) to make any headway with this gadget.  Not for the faint of heart, and not worth the time or money!--Grace Walsh, Lake Ariel, PA


Lake Ariel, PA


Pampered Chef Pineapple Wedger requires some muscle


My family loves fresh pineapple and we eat at least a couple of them a month.  I HATE slicing them and getting the eyes out.  When I was invited to a Pampered Chef party I knew this was what I was going to buy.  It looked easy enough to use.  The positives are if you get it to work it produces nice even cored slices.  It requires alot of muscle to get it started.  The blades seem dull and will not go through the pineapple skin easily.  Even cutting off the top of the skin does not always help.  The rocking back and forth to get it to work squishes the bottom of the pineapple.  Also the juices gets all over the place. I definately will not let my young teenagers use it do to safety reasons.  The pressure required to get it started if applied once it is started can be a safety issue. Overall it is still easier then cutting the pineapple with a knife and produces nice even slices.  But it is not the best solution to getting pineapple ready to eat.  I would recommend only after discussing the pro and cons with someone.


Cascade, IA


Gotta love Fresh Pineapple


My family always enjoys fresh fruit... but whenever it somes to pineapple it is always such a hassle and I feel like I waste 40% of the pineapple trying to cut off the skin and core.  Then my friend told me that The Pampered Chef started selling the pineapple wedger.  I have always been a huge fan of The Pampered Chef and I just couldn't wait to try it out. So, I called up my consultant and one week later I was using it to cut up my own fresh pineapple... no more wasted money on expensive canned pineapple that tastes like the metal can it comes in...  My consultant did give me a few tips which really helped, so I will pass them on...  First cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple, then cut the whole thing in half horizontally.  Then with the pineapple on a cutting baord put the wedger on top and start rocking it back and forth, when it is almost finished set the pineapple into the plastic cover of the wedger to finish, this helps push the pineapple out.  Then repeat with the 2nd half... Takes about 10 seconds!!  Awesome!`


Kingfisher, OK


Use at your own risk!


I absolutely love Pampered Chef and I have just about every kitchen gadget known to man.  For years, I had been saying that someone needed to make a pineapple wedger that would do for pineapples what the apple wedger does for apples.  I was so excited to see this in my pampered chef catalog that I immediately placed an order for it.     SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY!  This is so difficult to use that you practically have to be standing on top of the pineapple to get enough leverage to get the wedger to cut through the pineapple.  Then when you finally get the wedger through, the end of the pineapple gets stuck in there, leaving you to have to figure out a way to safely get it out without harming yourself.  I wonder how many people have had to get stitches because of this product!  I feel a lot safer using my regular old chef's knife to peel and cut a pineapple.   While the idea is great, I think that the actual product needs some tweaking before it will be worth the money.  In the meantime, if you have one of these, please BE CAREFUL!


Shelbyville, IN


Love the Pineapple Wedger!


I love the pineapple wedger!  It takes a few tries to figure out how to get it to work best.  You have to use a rocking motion instead of just a straight down, but once you figure it out its great!!  It is also best to use on smaller pineapples to eliminate any waste.  I love how easy it is to put my pineapple in slices or chunks.


Winston Salem, NC


This wedger works well most of the time.


When I saw this product in the catalog I had to buy it.  I love pineapple but hate the mess of trimming and cutting it myself.  The first time I used the wedger I found that you really have to use some muscle to work it from the top to the bottom the pineapple.  The end result is a nicely cored and cut pineapple, but with some waste on the skin if you have a large pineapple.  And to note, the wedger itself is very sharp, so be careful because you could easily cut yourself when handling it or cleaning it.  I store it with the plastic guard on it, and it is a bit bulky to store.  I have used it multiple times, but it is a work out, so sometimes I find myself just cutting up pineapples with a knife instead of getting out the wedger. 


Westfield, MA


money waster.........yes please.


This tool to me i am thankful it is one i received as a gift instead of paying money for it for myself as even greater disappointment would exist.  i was skeptical about this tool from the beginning so going into the first cut of a live pineapple i was hesitant of it's workings.  Waste of excellent pineapple is my biggest complaint.  There seems to be so much left next to the skin portion that it seems to not be worth the easyness of cutting a fresh pineapple.  There isn't a whole lot of fruit from a pineapple to begin with.  I know the consultants say that you can then use their other grater tool to cut off the remaining on the skin to use as crushed pineapple.  But if you're like a person like myself....i don't do anything with crushed pineapple.  Wasteful.  I do however enjoy how well it cut out the center hard portion of a pineapple.  That was nearly perfect every time.  It's also difficult to place the wedger perfectly centered and is kind of difficult to press down on.


Le Mars, IA


I like and use kitchen gadgets and baking items.


There are no pineapples big enough to use the wedger on  in my area.  Must have been designed for commercial sold pineapples.  I liked the looks of the Pampered Chef pineapple wedger and I love fresh pineapple so I got one of the wedgers.  Could not wait to get it and now can't use it!   the main thing is if the pineapple is not large size the corer part cuts out pineapple and you have the rind to cut off also.  **UNHAPPY!**!!!


Thompsonville, IL


Just use a knife!


Yikes, this thing is aweful. I love, love, love pampered chef products, but not this one! I'm a young and quite strong woman but this little gadget challenged me. I literally had to get on top of my counter to provide enough downward pressure to cut through my pineapple. Save yourself the 20 bucks and just use a knife. It will come out a lot nicer and quicker.


Linden, MI


Pampered Chef Pineapple Wedger

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