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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Mix 'N Masher

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I would not buy this product again


I LOVED this item when I first got it and then I was mashing a large pot of potatoes and one of the rings broke on it. I contacted PC and because it was just over a year old they would not replace it - said it was out of warranty. For the price it was NOT a great buy.

Newfoundland and Labrador


Not the best pampered chef item


i was interested in this Pampered Chef Mix and masher as someone who enjoys making both mashed potatoes and applesauce. however, a friend had recently purchased this item and did not recommend it. She let me borrow hers, and i am glad I did before purchasing. The Mix and mash is very hard to use; food often gets stuck in the utensil and it requires frequent rinsing. For heavier items like mashed potatoes, the utensil feels very flimsy, almost as if it were going to break. Ease of Cleaning This item is easy to rinse; I had to do this multiple times when trying to cook with it. Durability I felt as if the mix and mash were going to break during use. I switched to a different utensil during my cooking because I felt the utensil was very flimsy and did not provide support to help mix my mashed potatoes. Design Based on my issues using this item, I do not think this item was well designed. It looks interesting and stylish.



I love my mix 'n masher!


When I bought this, I was actually trying to buy the Pampered Chef Mix 'N Chopper. I was really upset when I received this because I had no nead or desire for it. When I mash my potatoes, I just use an electric hand mixer, because I like my potatoes nice and mixed. However, I did find a very good use for this item. I use it to make baby food! It is perfect for making baby food with very small chunks in it, right while my son was transitioning from baby food to solids. It doesn't mash it well enough for a new eater, but it does mash it up well enough for a more advanced eater or a toddler. I like to use it to mash up potatoes and avocado. This tool has been plenty durable for me thus far. I just toss it in the dishwasher and it's an easy clean up! I have used it on potatoes once and it worked fine, but I like my potatoes super fine with no chunks, so I prefer to still use the electric mixer for that. Overall, a great tool if you can find a use for it!

Holly Ridge, NC


The Pampered Chef Mix 'N Masher is very handy.


I purchased my first Pampered Chef Mix 'N Masher about two years ago. I loved being able to mash potatoes with the Mix "N Masher. For me it seemed so much easier that a traditional potato masher. I also used the Mix 'N Masher to whip up eggs and simple cake mixes. The Pampered Chef Mix 'N Masher is also very good for when you are trying to gently fold in fruit into pancakes or muffin mixes. Over the past two years I have had to return my mix 'n masher once due to the middle ring breaking. After the one year warrenty lapsed the smallest middle ring broke again. I loved the tool, so I purchased another one. I used the Mix 'N Masher one time and again the smallest ring broke! I was able to return the tool and they sent me a new one that we have now had for six months. Even with the smallest ring problems, I will continue to use the Mix 'N Masher. My husband does not like to use the tool to mash potatoes, but he does like using it to whip up gravy.

Faulkton, SD


great idea, but not a durable product


I received the **Pampered Chef Mix 'N Masher **off my wedding registry two and half years ago. About a year and a half ago, it broke - right after the 1 yr warranty had ended. The center nylon ring broke off. I used it a lot - primarily for making guacamole but also for mashing potatoes. I still use it for guacamole, and it works, just takes a little longer. I think the idea behind the mix n' masher is fantastic, however the reinforced flexible nylon head that makes it so ingenious also makes it quite susceptible to breaking.  The pros: mashes avocado and potatoes really well, heat safe to 428*, safe for nonstick cookware, at least has a 1 yr warranty The cons: breaks easily if used often to mash avocados and potatoes, only has a 1 yr warranty, cost is a little high (standard for Pampered Chef products) Overall, I would not recommend this product, but if you make guacamole or mashed potatoes often this product may still be worth it. 

Kansas City, KS


Not much of a masher!


The only great thing about the Pampered Chef Potato Masher is that you can use it on non-stick pans.  It will mash the potatoes but it requires more effort than I feel is needed.  It's not open on the sides.  The masher is round  with holes in the middle.  This makes it extremely difficult to clean the potatoes out after it's been used!  You thought of this design anyways?  Potatoes might be the only thing it's actually going to mash.  I tried it with ground beef because I had seen it done on the Food Network for Chili.  I guess mashing the meat makes it less chunky which is nice.  Anyways, it wouldn't mash any of it.  I just kind of flatend it!  What a mess!  So, the highlights of this product is it will mash potatoes.  You might not get it clean without a Q-tip.  Don't plan on using it on any other type of food.  I simply wont work.  You can use it on a non-stick pan it won't scratch it.  It's bulky and I wouldn't recommend it.  The standard mashers are the best.

Caledonia, IL


Pampered Chef Mix 'N Masher

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