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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Mango Wedger

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Everyone should have one of these!


We love mangos in our house hold. The only hassle is peeling and removing the pit. This is the only product that I have ever seen that actually gets the pit out clean. You lose no fruit. You will be left with quarters that you just need to score and peel off the flesh of the mango. Once you've scored your mango into small pieces, just turn the skin inside out and use a spoon lightly to remove pieces. Ease of Cleaning Top shelf of dishwasher. No problems. The item is marked dishwasher friendly by Pampered Chef. Durability There is no give to this product. You need to line up your mango so the seed is facing the same direction as the pit. Push down and it does not take a ton of strength. It doesn't feel flimsy at all. Design I have never seen one of these before. I don't mind scoring the fruit and removing it from the skin (which you are still going to have to do when you use this) but getting the seed out of a mango is tough, and you seem to lose a lot of fruit. This works every time, removing the pit with no problem.



Makes short work of getting the most from your mangos.


I use the*** Pampered Chef*** **Mango Wedger** as part of my cooking demos when I've made the Mango Confetti Salsa to showcase the new *Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor*. It makes slicing a mango around it's pit very easy. The **Mango Wedger** has a cover for the blades to keep you safe when not in use. To use the **Mango Wedger**, slice the mango at both ends to give a flat surface against your cutting board or flexible cutting mats and against the **wedger**. Try to angle your slice with the mango so that you'll wedge around the pit instead of through or into it. If you've used the *Pampered Chef Apple Wedger* or *Pineapple Slicer*, the process is about the same. After you slice your mango into wedges, you can use the *Avocado Peeler* to remove the skin of the mango with ease. Because all mangos are different sizes, you may need to assist your **wedger **with a knife. Also, some mangos are too large for the **wedger**.

Dayton, OH


Pampered Chef Mango Wedger

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