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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Hold 'N Slice

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Great little tool that will protect your fingers


The Pampered Chef Hold 'N Slice is a great little tool that protects your fingers while you're slicing foods. It is really simple to use. Holding on to the handle, you push the prongs into the food you're going to slice. Then you just hold the food in place with the Hold 'N Slice while you use your other hand to slice the food. By holding the food steady, you're more likely to have even slices, and since you're holding the handle of the tool rather than the food, you're less likely to slice your fingertips. I find this tool works really well with slippery or odd-shaped foods (such as tomatoes). If your hands aren't steady or if you have a tendency to nick yourself when cutting, do yourself a favor and buy this inexpensive little item from Pampered Chef. Just be careful when you're using it, because those prongs are very sharp! Ease of Cleaning This item is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand (just use caution with the sharp prongs when washing, drying or removing from the dishwasher). Design The size and shape fit my hand nicely.




Keeps Item's Sturdy For Slicing


I have this Hold N' Slice from Pampered Chef. It is a handy inexpensive kitchen tool which is easy to use. You can use this to slice a tomato by pushing the tongs in the tomato and holding the top with one hand as you slice with your sharp knife with your other hand. The tongs are wide enough you can fit your knife through with ease to get the same size slice when you cut. This can be used on tomatoes, onions, hard boiled eggs, or most items of that firmness. Easy to wash and put back away in the box it came in. I keep mine handy in my silverware drawer so I can reach it at a moments notice. I recommend this kitchen helper so you can be sure not to cut yourself, only the foods you are wanting to serve.


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Hold N Slice not as useful as appears


I purchased the Pampered Chef Hold 'N Slice several years ago since I am such a kitchen "gadget person." I thought this would be useful to hold tomatoes (in particular), and other things like zucchini, cucumbers, squash, etc... to slice. It does hold items securely while you slice them with a knife, but it is pretty large and often gets in the way of the knife and has to be repositioned often. I have also tried slicing slices through the tines, but that gives you very little flexibility in the width of your slices and the knife often gets caught up in the tines. Overall, if you are prone to getting your fingers in the way of the knives, it is fine, but more of a hassle than not for anyone else. Even though not too pricey, it seems rather expensive for a tool that does not really serve a great function.


Spring, TX


Hold N' Slice - More Hassle than Necessary


*Disclaimer: I sell Pampered Chef because I love it, rather than the other way around.* I'll go ahead and be the oddball out. As a consultant, I'm not sure I'm supposed to say things like this, but I feel honesty is valued by my customers (if I tell you I don't love everything, you'll be more apt to believe it when I am passionate about a product), I just don't get the Hold N' Slice. I've owned it. And I rarely used it. I just never thought of it when it came to slice. I've grown up using my fingers and have yet to slice myself - so digging through my drawer for a gadget to poke into my food when I have appendages that do this job for me seems highly unnecessary. I gave it two stars because I know some people really find it useful. For those who have more difficulty holding things firmly (those with arthritis or other bone issues), I can see where the need for an item like this would come in. But for your typical kitchen, I fail to see the need for a tool such as the Hold N' Slice. It seems more novelty than necessity.


Shawnee, OK


Best way to chop with a sharp knife and keep your hands safe!


The Pampered Chef Hold n Slice is a pretty nifty little tool.  If you have a vegetable that can be particularly slippery or difficult to handle when cutting, this is the tool for you.  I use my Hold N Slice when I am chopping things like butternut squash, potatoes, sometime pineapple...anything that gets slimier (or so it seems) as you cut it.  I also love to use it when I am cutting up onions.  I hate having that oniony smell on my hands after chopping and this prevents that from ever happening.  The only tricky thing about is is that it is difficult at times to use it for your entire chopping session.  Sometimes, as you get to the end of whatever you are chopping, the Hold and Slice actually is too large to hold what's left, so you do end up using your hands to hold the item.  I do like I can let my kids use it, as they are beginning to learn some knife skills in the kitchen.  It puts me at ease, knowing that their hands are protected from the knife as they cut.  They think it's a fun tool too!


Davison, MI


Hold N' Slice: Better than your fingers, but similar to a fork.


I have many pampered chef items in my home===many I received as gifts from our wedding, but others I purchased because my neighbor sold them and I always received a discount.  This is one of the items that I probably could have saved a few bucks and not worried about purchasing.......with the pampered Chef Hold N' Slice---the concept is to save your fingers from getting chopped off while you're cutting an onion or other vegetable similar to that.  It does indeed do well holding the onion (that's all I've used it for) and it stays in well because of all the picks.  It takes me a bit of effort to get it out----and that's where I think I could have done just as well with just a fork and not only saved the money from purchasing, but also the storage with all the other "tools" in my drawer that just take up space the more things I have! ;)  So......it works, but I think it's pretty useless and just use a fork instead.


Provo, UT


the hold n' slice is simple and sweet


I keep coming up with new things to try these on- cutting up steaks strips for fajitas is just the latest.  These are very inexpensive product and they help so much, you can get several of them- one for every cook in your home (or for guest cookers). 


North Little Rock, AR


Pampered Chef Hold 'N Slice

3.9 7