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Pampered Chef Easy Opener

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I renamed it "My Husband" because it opens things even he can't!


I love this handy dandy little tool. It was given to me as a Christmas present years ago - long before any of my friends started having at home parties or selling pampered chef and other self starter businesses. I use this can opener all of the time and can't complain about it at all. It has a magnet so it sticks to my fridge. I always know where it is and it's ready when I need it. It opens three types of containers. One is pop bottles. I don't drinke a lot of pop so I haven't have had to use it too often. When I do, it's worked great. The second types of container it opens is pop cans. I also haven't used it too much. But when I have it's been fine. The third is for every other kind of jar. Think abou that glass jar of spaghetti sauce with the lid on so tight you're thinking about yelling at your husband for help. Well instead, I just grab the tool and hook it under the lid and POP! The lids off! This has saved the day in my house many times!

Troy, OH


The Pampered Chef Easy Opener is a handy little tool!


I sometimes struggle to open containers, but when I got this Pampered Chef Easy Opener, it made opening bottles and cans so much easier.  It can open several different kinds and sizes of bottles and cans.  The round end is great for twisting caps off of bottles.  The other end is really good for popping the tops off of cans of pop or juice.  I love that the Pampered Chef Easy Opener is magnetic.  I keep it stuck to my fridge so I can easily grab it when I need it.  The Pampered Chef Easy Opener is very inexpensive (sometimes it is nice to add something small to your order at a Pampered Chef party), so it is a great item to throw in to fill in your order a little bit. It is small, and it fits well in my hand.  It is easy to twist or lift, and it does the difficult part of opening for you!  If you have trouble opening bottles and cans, and you don't want to have to call your husband to help you every time or hurt your hand trying to do it on your own, the Pampered Chef Easy opener is a great little tool to have!

Warren, MI


Very Easy Opener!


This little tool is great! My husband loves to make the caps on soda so tight that I can't unscrew it but now that I have this tools I have all the muscle I need! It's so easy to use and love that it can stick to the fridge that way it doesn't get lost!

Davenport, FL


Far better than any competitor's


I have purchased two (+a few for gifts) of these openers since I discovered them.  This Pampered Chef easy opener is really just that--easy.  It is also far better than the competitors options.  One end has a bottle top opener (like two liter coke bottles).  I have only used that a few times, but the other end is the really useful end.  It has a vacuum pop for all jars...meaning once the vacuum seal is popped in seconds with this gadget, any jar lid opens right up without any effort on your hands.  The end also has a slit for can tab opening.  I love this feature too and use this almost as much.  It keeps you from broken nails or hurting fingers as you slip the tab in the slit and lift until it is easy to pull all can tabs open.  I have not found another tool in stores that has all three of these features, but the best is yet to come!  It also has a magnet on the back of it so the tool is always readily available on the fridge.  Love that!  

Spring, TX


The easy opener....convenient, but not very functional.


I have owned the Pampered Chef Easy Opener for many years.  It usually just stays on the refrigerator and sees very little actual use.  When I saw it in the catalog, I thought it would be a very handy device, especially for opening pop cans.  However, when I tried to open the first pop can with it, it just bent the tab up without actually opening the can, which made it even harder to open instead of easier.  I've tried to open other cans with it, and sometimes it works well, but mostly it just frustrates me.   I have not tried it for opening 2-liters, so maybe it is better for those, but since I don't have a problem with 2-liters, I haven't yet tried it.   My husband has tried it for opening bottles, and said that it was ok, but he would rather have a traditional bottle opener.   In all, I would say to save your money.  It is fairly cheap, so if you get it and don't like it, you're not out too much money. 

Shelbyville, IN


I'm not sure how I lived without the Easy Opener.


The Pampered Chef Easy Opener is one of the best tools that most people don't know about.  I love that it does three great jobs in one small tool.  It lifts the tabs of soda-pop cans.  It has a slot on the end of it that you slide the tab into and life the tool up.  Makes it so much easier than trying to use your fingers and breaking your finger nails.  It twists and loosens the caps of 2-liter bottles.  You just put the tool on the bottle cap and if gives you extra leverage to twist caps that are too tight. My favorite tool is that it releases the pressure from glass jars.  It grabs the lid from glass jars and releases the pressure so that it's much easier to open. It has a magnet on the back side so I just keep it on the side of my fridge at all times for easy access.  Whenever I feel like I'm struggling to open something, I just reach over and grab this tool and it helps me open things effortlessly. 

Fort Wayne, IN


Pampered Chef Easy Opener

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