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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker (Various colors)

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Pampered Chef Stoneware "Groanware!"


Don't get me wrong Pampered Chef has a lot of nice products, but their "Stoneware", needs to go back to the Stone Age. My sister had fallen in love with Pampered Chef and was having parties and convincing everyone in the family to host parties so we all obliged her. When I got the Apple Wedger I was very happy, and it heard others raving about the stoneware so I thought hey I'll give it a whirl. I bought the "Covered Baker" one of the most expensive items, but it seemed as though it would be the most useful. Well I hate it you cannot use soap in it! Big turn off, you cannot soak it, you have to use a wet rag and just keep rubbing and rubbing! You cannot use anything abrasive! I cook, a lot from scratch and for large numbers of people daily! Cooking isn't something I do only at holidays or just on Sunday, I cook for at least seven people every day! I want to get the dishes done not massage them clean. Good grief Pampered Chef you have many innovative products don't make my life more difficult. I have actually forbidden my sister from bringing her green bean casserole to thanksgiving dinner in her Pampered Chef Stoneware dish unless she intends on massaging it clean herself! Performance Cooks well enough Ease of Cleaning Hate it Durability It's like a rock so I put it back where it belongs in the landfill Design I loved the design it was beautiful Doesn't Stick Yes it does stick some things do stick and after several uses there were stains but I did not use an abrasive sponge or soap and the baker looked gross



Pampered Chef's Deep Dish Covered Baker is a "miracle pot"!


Pampered Chef's Deep Dish Covered Baker earns the nickname "Miracle Pot" indeed! This product is worth the money and then some!! There are a wide variety of recipes to choose from to cook using this Deep Dish Covered Baker - in the oven but more amazingly, in the microwave. I have cooked a yummy chocolate lava cake in the microwave using the Deep Dish Covered Baker in 10 minutes and was it ever moist!! I also cooked a pork tenderloin in it using the microwave in 10 minutes. After cooking the tenderloin, I followed the cleaning directions and then cooked the cake. There was no weird aftertaste or hint of bbq (the rub I used) or pork taste. I already have a list of recipes to cook throughout the week and weekend using this wonderful product and the clean up is so simple and easy! I can't say enough great things about it!! Performance Super fast and can do LOTS of recipes - cakes, roasts, meat, etc. we love the 10 min porkloin and the meatloaf. Ease of Cleaning Just soak in hot water... then run hot water and scrape with enclosed scraper. Voila! Design another well-designed beautiful Pampered Chef product!

Concord, NC


I Love My DCB!!


When I purchased my Deep Covered Baker (DCB) in cranberry, I bought it to cook whole chickens in...  Which I still do ALL the time... But then I found out how absolutely amazing the thing is!!  You can put some noodles and broth in it ans stick it in the microwave and voila  it cooks it for you...  Then just add your chicken or spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, whatever and you have dinner and you only dirtied ONE dish!  (Which by the way, stoneware seasons like cast iron skillets do, so after awhile they become almost non-stick.  I just always run some water in mine after we are done serving from it.)  You can also stick a cake mix in there and cook that in the microwave... (And believe me NOONE will believe you when you say that you made it the microwave.)  It is a little costly, but it will definitely pay for itself right away.  Stoneware can also go in the freezer, so you can keep homemade icecream cold and it looks great when you serve it from the DCB!

Kingfisher, OK


Beautiful to look at, unsure of practicality.


I recently purchased the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker in cranberry.  I think it is a beautiful piece to look at and will definitely find a way to use it as a serving dish at holiday meals. My partner and I do not eat many casseroles, so I am still unsure what we will actually make in the baker. I did make the Pampered Chef chipoltle chili cornbread bake last week for my inital use and I will say I was impressed by how moist it turned out, even though I had to microwave it for an extra 8 minutes. I think I will use this baker more once I have time to experiment with oven recipes.  I prefer not to cook in the microwave both because our elecricity is much more expensive than our natural gas and beacuse I find baked items turn out better than their microwaved counterparts. The baker cleaned up really well after its first use.  However, I went and cleaned it right away.  Usually I don't bother until the next day, so I'm interested to see what the ease of cleaning is after that much time.

Anchorage, AK


I have used this baker 7 times in the last week alone!


I recently hosted my first Pampered Chef party.  I had no intention of purchasing this baker.  Then I saw my consultant use it!  She cooked chicken breasts in the MICROWAVE in no time.  AND they tasted fantastic!  I was hooked.  That night, she made barbecue chicken sandwiches.  After the party, my consultant sent me an email with more recipes for my new toy.  I made the potato soup from one of the Pampered Chef cookbooks - in the microwave - and I will never buy potato soup from anyone else again.  I will make it myself - much less expensively - at home.  Since the party, I have made meatloaf (from frozen), mashed potatoes (from frozen - the small pucks from Schwan's), philly beef sandwiches, baked ziti with chicken.  I am usually a slow cooker girl but thanks to the covered baker, I can plan even more last minute and still have a great, hot meal with  little effort.  I am attending another PC party this week where I plan to buy another baker (I feed large groups on a regular basis).

Cary, NC


Worth every penny!


I went to a Pampered Chef show where this was used to cook a Pork Tenderloin in the microwave... and decided I had to have it after I tasted the results. When I thumbed through the catalog I almost changed my mind when I saw the price but talked myself into the splrudge. I am so happy that I did. I mostly use mine for the microwave, and I cook in it at least once a week. It's such a time saver!!! My favorite recipe for this baker is the Mexican Chicken Lasagana. It's become a family favorite that I make every other week... and I have have it on the table within 40 minutes of being home from work!!! If you are considering buying this piece but hesitatant about the price - rest assured that it will pay you back ten fold!

Irmo, SC


Microwaveably Fascinating!


So, How many of you don't have time to make a great meal for your family EVERY night for dinner?  How many would love to, but need something healthy, but quick for your family?  The Deep Covered Baker is considered part of Pampered Chef's stoneware collection.  I am a consultant and absolutely RAVE this product to everyone I meet.  When this product came out, I couldn't say enough.  Even my director calls me the "30 minute Chicken Queen."  With this product, you can make nearly every dinner in the microwave and in under 30 minutes.  From a whole chicken with only herbs as toppings for chicken tacos, to 20 minute ribbs, 25 minute mexican lasagna, to sirloin pork in cream of mushroom with potatoes, onions, and carrots! I'm making you hungry? ABSOLUTELY! The stoneware in this product acts as a heat conductor and provides the heat necessary to cook a great meal without having to turn on your oven. I know I can't live without it, because I live where the summers are in the 110's to 120's.  The microwave can be my best friend and as a working mom with 4 kids and a husband to feed, I need all the help I can get my hands on!  Call or research a pampered chef consultant near you and buy one today!!

Ontario, CA


Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker (Various colors)

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