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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Cookie Sheets

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Another great product from Pampered Chef!


I bought these cookie sheets because my old cookie sheets were getting warped from many years of baking on them. I decided to go with the Pampered Chef Cookie Sheets because Pampered Chef has a great reputation and I have never had any complaints with previous products I have purchased. I was not disappointed with this product they are excellent in quality. The heat gets evenly distributed across the cookie sheet which helps cook all the cookies to perfection. I no longer have to worry about some cookies not being cooked all the way through! These cookie sheets are very sturdy and I have not yet had an issue with them warping from the heat. Performance These cookie sheets work wonderfully! I have not had any issues with the cookie sheets warping or partially cooking half of a batch. I could not be happier with the performance of this product. Ease of Cleaning The Pampered Chef cookie sheets are very easy to clean! Durability So far I have not had an issue with these cookie sheets. They hold up well and I frequently bake upon them. Design I love how they cook everything evenly so I can rest assured that the cookies will all bake evenly and as a result they also cook faster! Doesn't Stick I haven't had an issue with anything getting baked onto the sheets. The cookies come off easily and clean up is a breeze.



These Pampered Chef Cookie Sheets are sturdy


I received two of these cookie sheets as a result of hosting a Pampered Chef party. I bake cookies for friends and family special events, so I thought I could use a couple of extra cookie sheets. I love most of the Pampered Chef items that I own, so I thought these would excel as well. I make sugar cookies to decorate and sell, so I need the cookies to keep their shape as they cook. When I baked my cookies on these cookie sheets, my sugar cookies spread more than I wanted them too. These cookies were cold when I put them on the pan so that was not the problem. The cookie sheets were also cool when I put the cutout cookies on them. I no longer use these to bake my sugar cookies. I have not tried them with any other type of cookie, but I'm sure they still will work fine as long as it doesn't matter if the cookie spreads. These cookie sheets are very sturdy. They are somewhat heavy for a cookie sheet. If I had it to do over, I would not buy these pans again just because I mainly only bake sugar cookies.

Troy, NC


Sturdy, durable, and great for your cookies


The ***Pampered Chef *Cookie Sheets** are extremely durable.  When you hold one in your hands, preferably not one right out of the oven...it's hot, you can feel the strength of your cookie sheet and know that it won't warp under the oven's heat. We have a Wearever Cushion Aire cookie sheet that has long since warped on us and it makes it difficult placing food on it prior to putting it into the oven.  I jumped at the chance to replace it with my new ***Pampered Chef *Cookie Sheet**. The ***Pampered Chef *Cookie Sheets **compliment the new ***Pampered Chef *Cookie Press** very well.  You'll still want to oil the cookie sheet or put parchment paper down before laying out your cookies so they won't stick, but rest assured they'll cook evenly. You'll pay a little more for the ***Pampered Chef *Cookie Sheets**, but when you realize that they'll work...*and *last, you'll know it was money well spent.  There are other, smaller, sizes of ***Pampered Chef* Baking Sheets** made with the same quality as the **cookie sheet** to meet all your baking needs.

Dayton, OH


best cookie sheets ever


I recently had a Pampered Chef book party and as a result of my sales from the party I was able to choose several frees items and some at discounted prices. I selected the Pampered Chef aluminum cookie sheets as one of my free items. I have purchased other Pampered Chef merchandise in the past and I have always been impressed with the quality of their products. These particular cookie sheets were a fairly new product and I purchased these because my old cookie sheets were turning that "very over used black or brown" color. My family has small children and we bake cookies very frequently. We have used these cookie sheets numerous times and they still look like brand new cookie sheets. When you bake the cookies, the heat is distributed evenly and the cookies bake evenly. I do have a friendly suggestion though, do not use anything metal to remove your cookies as it will scrape the surface of the cookie sheets. Definitely worth it!!

Salem, VA


Pampered Chef Cookie Sheets

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